A Twitch streamer from Wales by the name of Reecesy has achieved a new record for the longest uninterrupted streaming, breaking the record set by CallMeCypher in April.

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Reecesy breaks record
Reecesy's a Twitch streamer from Wales

In the last few months, many streamers have taken part in the challenge of continuous live-stream without interruption. The pioneer in this movement was LosPollosTV, who set a record for 200 hours of continuous broadcast in early April. It seemed that the title of the longest broadcast would forever belong to LosPollosTV, but less than a month later, CallMeCypher broke this record with 200 hours 18 minutes 17 seconds of non-stop live-stream. The race to the title has become more and more difficult when 2 weeks later, the record was taken to a new level by Reesecy. 

Reecesy streams
Reecesy streams a lot of Valorant recently

qReecesy is a British streamer who owns about 7,500 followers. On May 3, he decided to take part in the continuous broadcast challenge in order to break CallMeCypher's record. On May 11, Reece informed fans on Twitter that he broke the record for the longest continuous live-stream with 200 hours and 30 minutes and 28 seconds, 12 minutes and 11 seconds more than Cypher’s result. A Twitch streamer from Wales named Reecesy has achieved a record of continuous, uninterrupted broadcasting, breaking the record set by CallMeCypher in April.

Screenshot 3
Reecesy's celebrating tweet

"I've officially beaten the world record for the longest uninterrupted stream. It went down at 200:30:28. Insane 8 days of streaming, legit madness," Reecesy wrote.

To commemorate this great event, he "celebrated" by playing the game Valorant. At the same time, he also thanked fans for patiently following this long "endless" live-stream. There will surely be many more who will participate in this special challenge to take down Reesecy’s throne, but that’s a thing of the future.  Though it may sound impressive and tempting, playing games for such an extended time is never a good thing for your health. Constantly playing for days without resting will cause immense stress, potential brain damage, brain hemorrhage (internal bleeding), or even death in severe cases. So, if you’re a gamer, we advise taking breaks and exercising regularly. 

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