Ninja is one of the most popular streamers in the world, who has broken multiple Twitch records and then moved to Mixer for a multi-million dollar deal. But with the recent failure of Mixer, Ninja was forced to move away to another streaming platform and he chose Youtube over returning to Twitch.

On his return to streaming, Ninja easily hit 167 thousand viewers on his first stream. At the same time, MortaL was also streaming and he learned about the return of Ninja on Youtube. MortaL was super surprised by the number of viewers he got so, as a nice gesture to welcome the "newbie" streamer Ninja who just came to the platform, MortaL sent his viewers to Ninja stream.

Ninja confused when chat start spamming MortaL raid since he didn't know who MortaL was

MortaL's fans then started flooding Ninja's chat with MortaL RAID spam, which quickly caught the attention of the streamer. However, as Ninja has never heard of MortaL before, he was confused and wondered if MortaL was a streamer or MortaL RAID was just a meme that he didn't know about.

Here is the full replay of Ninja's first Youtube stream on Youtube. You can find the part where MortaL raid Ninja around minutes 17.

Ninja coming back to streaming is huge news for the streaming world. His viewership on Mixer has been really low compared to what he got on Twitch since nobody likes Mixer. However, Youtube streaming has been around for quite some time and maybe it is actually the perfect platform for him since he already got a really big Youtube channel already.

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