2020 saw an incredible increase of TikTok in the US with a lot of viral videos and trends taking the internet by storm every now and then. As the year is all set to come to an end, it’s time to look back and find out who is the most viral TikTok creator in the US in 2020 as well as their best videos to have some fun.

Bella Charli

1. Bella Poarch

Thanks to the “M to the B'' lip-sync video, the 23yo girl became one of the most viral TikTok creators in the US but also in the world. The video was not only a nationwide success but became the biggest global phenomenon on TikTok with half a billion views, millions of likes, and comments.


2. Charli D’Amelio

The same case happened to Charli D’Amelio that the 16yo schoolgirl soared into fame after one viral video. However, she is not only a one-night sensation but turned it into a serious career. The stunner continued to create a stir by being the first one to have more than 100M followers on TikTok and be the most-followed TikTok creator at the moment.

3. Nathan Apodaca

When sharing the video of him skating along the road drinking Cran-Raspberry juice and singing, Nathan Apodaca never thought that he would be the next viral TikTok creator of the US. Thanks to his positive vibe, his skating video as long as others racked up millions of likes and views and the Can-raspberry juice brand even sponsored him a cranberry truck.

Apart from the mentioned TikTok creators, there are also so many other viral videos and TikTokers you cannot miss like Tabitha Brown, Moy Brothers, Devon Rodrigues, or famous ones like Kylie Jenner, Jason Derulo, and others. Take a look at the best of them down below:

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