The PUBG Mobile Global Extreme Challenge is an official even of PUBG Mobile that features the most popular PUBG Mobile influencers from all over the world. From the soccer player Kevin De Bruyne, the singer Aleyna Tilki to pro players such as MortaL and scout. This event is the result of the collaboration between PUBG Mobile and Direct Relief to support charities to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

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The final standings of the PUBG Mobile Global Extreme Challenge

The team led by Scout has easily won over other teams, which was what every expected. The team was just too strong with Scout, Jonathan, and Neyoo, all the best assaulters in the Indian PUBG Mobile scene. Scout has really shone as he alone took down the Omsayf squad with one single long spray.

There was a total of 2 matches played yesterday. The first match was a classic match on the new PUBG Mobile map Livik with 8 teams battling out against each other to get the Chicken Dinner. The second match was a survival match also on Livik, which points will be calculated based on each team's rankings with celebrity survival.

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Team Scout 1 has easily won due to having the most fearsome PUBG Mobile player in the lineup

Team Scout 1 won the first classical match with a total of 29 points and 17 kills. In the second survival match, team Pikachu won with 2 kills and 14 points in total.

In other news, PUBG Mobile has changed its privacy policy in India to avoid getting banned in the next ban wave of the Indian government. Players can now rest assured that PUBG Mobile will be able to stick around in India,

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