A few days ago, Dr. Disrespect, one of the most iconic gaming streamer in the world announced his collaboration stream with ScoutOP on Youtube on Friday. However, there was a delay since both of them haven't figured out a good time to stream together yet because of the time zone difference.

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Yesterday, ScoutOP and Dr. Disrespect has finally come together for a stream together. Indian fans flock Dr. Disrecpect chat and at one time, his concurrent viewers peaked at 1.04 lakh viewers. On ScoutOP stream, we could see that his stream even reached 1.38 lakh concurrent viewers at one time.

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The two played Call od Duty Warzone together

Dr. Disrecpect shouted to the Indian fans and even revealed that his 6-year-old son also had a PUBG Mobile Youtube channel. He also said that he would love to visit India in one or two years. Dr. Disrepect also showed his interest in PUBG Mobile and its huge players based around the world.

Doc said: “‘We got India, making their way inside of the Arena”.

The two played Call od Duty Warzone together. Even though Doc suffered from a really high ping of 300, that didn't stop him or the fan to have a wonderful stream session.

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Dr. Disrespect has turned to stream on Youtube

Dr. Disrespect was recently banned permanently on Twitch, which is the reason why he is on Youtube now. He is trying to get to know everyone in the Youtube streamer community, which is also a great chance for future collaboration with many famous Indian streamers. The collaboration with ScoutOP shows that the gaming scene in India has become big enough for the world to notice and it will even grow bigger really fast in the future at this rate.

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