According to a recent report, the currently most popular streamer Tyler “Ninja” Belvins has said that he will remove his TikTok account and stop using this famous video sharing platform due to his concern about security issues.

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Ninja Tiktok
Famous streamer Ninja has announced to remove TikTok off all of his devices.

Ninja revealed the breaking news on his Twitter account with more than 0.6 crores of followers. He said he removed this app off all of his devices. He also hoped that another company that interferes less with user data and doesn’t come from China can rebuild the concept of sharing videos like TikTok.

For those unknown, Ninja used to be the streamer with the largest number of viewers on Twitch - Amazon’s live streaming platform. However, in August 2019, the talented guy gave up everything to sign a new contract with Microsoft to start working on the Mixer platform.

Until June 22, Microsoft suddenly closed this platform and released the contract for Ninja. In other words, this streamer will have to reconsider his plan in the upcoming time, including the plan to return the “old land” - YouTube.

Tiktok Ban

Back to the main topic, Ninja’s TikTok boycott is obviously easy to comprehend and it’s not exaggerated for him to criticize this app for interfering user data much more than other social networks such as Facebook or Twitter. Early this week, the US government stated that they have considered banning TikTok in this nation, like what India has done in the previous time.

In an interview with Fox News on July 06, the Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that the US government must ban TikTok to prevent dangers relating to the national securities. He also warned that people should pay more attention to downloading and using this app because their data can completely be gathered and followed by the Chinese government.

And then, US President Donald Trump also had a talk that didn’t seem much related: a ban on TikTok in the United States is considered as a punishment towards China due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Ninja’s TikTok boycott is obviously easy to comprehend.

In other words, TikTok denied the allegations relating to collecting user data. Additionally, this app has tried to become more standalone and different from the original version in China (Douyin).

According to TikTok’s representative, the company has been led by an American CEO, and hundreds of employees and leaders always comply with the security regulations, products, and public policies in this country. Its highest target is to create a safe environment and experience for users. The company has never provided and will never provide their data for the Chinese government, even when being required to do that.

Despite not available in China, TikTok has been considered as the international version of Douyin - the hottest app in the most populous country in the world.

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