In the world of gamers, maybe the name Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins has become so famous that people can hardly forget his profile, but have you ever wondered how rich he exactly is? Keep reading on and we'll shine a light on Tyler Ninja Blevins net worth

Tyler Ninja Blevins Net Worth - Biography Of Ninja

Prior to being a professional streamer, Ninja was a former professional Halo player for the likes of Cloud9 or Team Liquid. Now, he is striking the gaming world by becoming a record-breaking streamer. 

Tyler Ninja Blevins Net Worth 5
Tyler 'Ninja' Blevins net worth

Even when his main game while streaming is Fortnite, Ninja broke a myriad of viewership records for video gaming streaming like the highest viewers on a single platform. Notably, his Twitch account had the most followers as well, more than 14 million, but now he only streams on the streaming platform Mixer. 

Ninja started his streaming era with popular games like PUBG while being a Fortnite streamer at the moment. He also partook in the battle royale game Apex Legends, CoD: Modern Warfare, and even Minecraft. 

Tyler Ninja Blevins Net Worth Car
Ninja started his streaming era with popular games like PUBG and Apex Legends.

The 28-year-old millionaire streamer spent his childhood in Grayslake, Illinois. When he grew up, he worked for a fast-food restaurant before following the career of a pro Halo player and a famous streamer. 

An important reason behind his success is the wholehearted support from his beloved wife and manager Jessica Blevins. She has been known as a woman having the ambition to help her husband’s reputation go beyond circles of the gaming world. 

Tyler Ninja Blevins Net Worth Couple
Tyler and his beloved wife, Jessica Blevins.

Several months later, he formed a talented team by playing with famous footballers from Tottenham Hotspur - Kieran Trippier, Dele Alli, and Harry Kane. 

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Tyler Ninja Blevins Net Worth - An Exact Figure

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Tyler Ninja Blevins net worth reportedly clocks in around $15 million, which includes estimated revenues from tons of his sponsorships deals, YouTube channel, and streaming. 

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Tyler 'Ninja' Blevins net worth is around $15 million, as per Celebrity Net Worth.

To your surprise, there's some leaked information that shows Ninja’s contract with Mixer can worth more than a total of $17 million to $20 million last year, as suggested by Forbes. However, whatever the exact number really is, it is a giant sum of money. 

In addition, these figures exclude a large amount of money that was donated to many charities for a long time. For instance, a livestream held to support a hospital already helped raise an amount of donation coming up to $350,000. Last year, he also donated ten thousand dollars the Wounded Warriors Project and $25,000 in total to a social campaign called MrBeast’s Team Trees.

Tyler Ninja Blevins Net Worth - Source Of Money

Being the most well-known gamer in the world, Ninja is supposed to earn a quite stable amount of income monthly. This has been revealed by him in many television interviews before, in which he confirmed that he would earn over $500,000 every month on Twitch, but not include the donation he received in his stream. He was even sent a one-off and anonymous donation of $40,000 in a live stream, significantly increasing Tyler Ninja Blevins net worth.

Tyler Ninja Blevins Net Worth King
Tyler Ninja Blevins net worth is likely to skyrocket after his multi-year deal with Microsoft's Mixer.

Ninja was offered to switch his streaming platform to the one belongs to Microsoft as well, with an extremely attractive and tempting deal. Although the exact amount was not publicized, a few secret reports said that the multi-year deal can worth $20 to $30 million. This is confirmed by his wife Jessica as she disclosed that long negotiations over his Twitch contract partly led him to a brand new streaming platform - Mixer. 

Moreover, an estimated $1 million was added to Tyler Ninja Blevins net worth at the launch of EA's Apex Legends. Fortunately, the coverage the game benefited from Ninja’s famous stream features has made the game popular worldwide. 

Tyler Ninja Blevins Net Worth 2
Ninja Tyler Blevins net worth might have gained nearly $6 million from YouTube since his debut on this platform.

Besides the earning Ninja has from his streaming, he also owns a YouTube channel where his streams’ highlights and clips are posted. With 22.4 million subscribers and approximately 2 billion total video views, Tyler Ninja Blevins net worth might have gained nearly $6 million from this global video platform since his debut. 

He also earns a big amount of money from plenty of sponsorships deals. Several biggest brand names that have invited Ninja could be listed here: Red Bull, Adidas, NZXT, Uber Eats, and so on. Once again, the exact amount has not been officially revealed, but the figure is likely to worth in the millions. 

Ninja also published a book named ‘Get Good - My Ultimate Guide to Gaming’. It is predicted to bring the famous streamer another healthy profit under the name of Ninja’s official merchandise. This will include clothing, bedding, and even his trademark brand. Obviously, these products will add up a huge amount of money to Tyler Ninja Blevins net worth!