Slovakian YouTuber David Dobrik, aged 24, has about 184 lakh YouTube subscribers. Before moving to YouTube five years ago, he gained success on Vine - a microvlogging platform. He is also known as the leader of The Vlog Squad team.

Youtuber Giveaway
YouTuber David Dobrik.

Many know that this YouTuber now works as a voice actor for the Angry Birds 2 movie’s Axel. He was also amongst the judges in the show America’s Most Musical Family on the Nickelodeon TV. At present, David is hosting Discovery Channel’s show Dodgeball Thunderdome.

The 1996-born YouTuber also makes a strong impression on the netizens due to his expensive give-away presents to fans. Luxury cars are included. He has reportedly given away about 20 cars to his family, friends, and even random fans. However, in recent days, he has rocked the netizens when announcing that he will give away up to 5 Tesla cars at the same time.

Accordingly, the YouTuber has teamed up with a group called HeadCount to encourage participants to register to vote. David made an Instagram post saying that the netizens need to follow a few simple steps to take part in the giveaway program.

Two of the prerequisites are that the voters have to be residents in the United States and beyond 18 years old. It worth mentioning that HeadCount revealed that there have been more than 1 lakh American participants to register the competition on the first day.

Youtuber David

Although the Slovakian YouTuber doesn’t have enough eligibility to vote in the United States, he has determined to team up with HeadCount to foster US residents to join the elections. In the past, he used to collaborate with SeatGeek many times to send giveaway gifts to his fans. Back in 2019, his lucky fan received a Tesla on the Christmas eve program. And now, there will be up to 5 lucky fans to receive Teslas.

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