Along with the rapid development of technology, a QR code has become familiar in our daily life, from making payments at supermarkets or stores to logging into online accounts. However, not long before, netizens felt surprised to realize how influencer Mauricio Gomez applies the advanced technology: having an Instagram QR code tattooed behind his head to call for more follows on his page.

Colombia influencer Mauricio Gomez, better known as La Liendra.

Mauricio Gomez, better known as La Liendra, is an influencer with 54 lakh followers on Instagram. It is supposed that his QR code on the back of his neck aims to help others access his Instagram account more easily whenever they meet him on the streets or in any other place. Just turn on the camera and scan the code. This is allegedly the way Mauricio earns more popularity on the Internet. He revealed the image of the QR code on a short video, along with a series of his new tattoos.

Many feel very excited and of course, curious about his new trick, and that’s why his video successfully attracted about 5 lakh views within a few hours of its release. However, others commented that the tattoo may fade out after a period of time, leading to his Instagram QR code not working. At that time, Mauricio ignored these frank comments.

Only one month later, the popular influencer admitted that his tattoo was just for demonstration purposes. The QR code didn’t work and it may be due to the discolored tattoo or the out-of-date code. Whatever the reasons behind it are, Mauricio says that the tattoo is now actually useless.

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