Salt Bae or Nusret Gokce is a Turkish chef who is known as the Internet’s sexiest butcher. There are about 3.3 crore followers on his Instagram page. Not long before, Salt Bae caused an Internet stir when netizens watched a video in which he fed a female customer in front of her lover.

Salt Bae
Nusret Gokce and his signature move.

Speaking of the famous chef, he is the owner of the Nusr-Et Steakhouse restaurants in Dubai and Turkey. It’s not the first time his videos have drawn a lot of attention on the Internet; however, the video in question successfully captures the eyes of netizens once again.

According to the video, Salt Bae shows his signature move of throwing salt onto the piece of meat before placing it into his customer’s mouth. It is worth mentioning that this customer whose Twitter account is allegedly @YouAdoreeShay apparently felt very happy to let him put meat into her mouth. However, her boyfriend had the same feeling.

The video immediately went viral on the Internet and netizens had mixed opinions. Some feel funny about this incident but others frankly say that they may feel very jealous if their lovers do the same thing as the woman in the video.

When it comes to Salt Bae, first rose to fame on January 07, 2017, via his 36-second video named “Ottoman Steak” on Instagram. How he slices a piece of steak, as well as throws salt onto it caused an Internet stir, and netizens can’t get enough of it.

Salt Bae 1

It’s hard to believe that his signature move, in fact, is a technique he applies every day. Maybe no one hasn’t watched or used his videos and meme at least once.

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