The Pakistani gaming community is in a serious rage and they have a good reason to. It’s rumored that the PTA (Pakistan’s Telecommunication Authority) is interfering with all communications facilitated through internet phone calls.

The tech and gaming community in Pakistan has gone on Twitter to bring attention to the problem and it has gone viral on the platform.

Sources said that the PTA has limited the transmission of data packets that the gaming community noticed during communications. The telecommunication authority used Web Monitoring System to oversee all the communications and data across the country for malicious intentions.

Rumors say that the PTA is blocking data packets
Rumors say that the PTA is blocking data packets

The way the Pakistani government categorizes grey traffic is flawed because all traffic as data packets over VPN and VoIP are considered shady. This move infuriated the gaming community.

Twitter users in the country were able to bring attention to the matter after a viral systematic protest on the platform. Hashtags like #BoycottPTA and #BanPTA were trending for several hours following a show hosted by Internet celebrity Waqar Zaka. The show was titled “Pakistan is troubled by esports? How?”

Reply from a telecommunication provider
Reply from a telecommunication provider

News outlet Talkesport contacted some members of the gaming community in Pakistan, who said they didn’t understand why the PTA made such a decision. Meanwhile, the PTA insists that it’s not doing anything wrong, saying that it’s only blocking access and communications by simply blocking the source IP.

Since the matter has been got a lot of attention on social media, the PTA has made its official response to gamers’ questions. It tweeted:

“With respect to social media posts about packet loss being experienced by some consumers while using gaming apps, it is clarified after checking from internet bandwidth providers that internet traffic including gaming Apps are currently working normal across Pakistan.”

The government denies banning the packet transmission, saying that there aren’t any issues like that. Besides, the telecommunication watchdog is encouraging those who had this problem to file a formal complaint to their service providers.

This is in contrast to what has been reported by many outlets, who said the government ordered a block on the IPs for VoIPs.

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