Earning 1 million after 1 Esports tournament, Jaden Ashman has proved his gaming career the right choice.

A tournament full of money

The Fortnite World Cup 2019 has made headlines with its enormous prize pool. The tournament has made many participants millionaires overnight. In the duo section of Fornite World cup 2019, Jaden Ashman from the UK has won the second place of around $2.25 million. The teenager shares the prize money with his partner in Lazarus Esports, Dave Jong.

15yo Teenager 1 25 Million 03
Lazarus Esports secured the second place finishing in duo Fortnite World Cup 2019

Fortnite World Cup 2019 panned out in 3 days from July 26 to 28 in 2019. The tournament is one of the most cash stacked events in the world of Esports with $30 million in the prize pool. Taking place in the Arthur Ashe Tennis Stadium in Flushing Meadows, New York, the event drew a large crowd to cheer to one of the best Esports events ever.

What is special about this boy is his story when coming to Fortnite. He is still at his early age of 15 where a teenager is supposed to go to school and prepare for the university. That was exactly what his mother expected from him. They even had some occasional quarrels over the matter.

15yo Teenager 1 25 Million 02
Dave "Rojo" Jong with his mom

Jaden Ashman admitted his mother wasn’t quite supportive at first and thought he was “just wasting time” playing games. His mother, like every other concerning parents out there, was worried about his future when Jaden was just spending too much time on gaming.

The start

Lisa Dallman, Jaden's mother, told BBC in an interview that she was quite against his gaming career to the point of doing extreme things to stop him. She threw out an Xbox, snapped a headset and argued with Jaden. They got into many troubles before going into the event.

15yo Teenager 1 25 Million 04
The teenage would spend 8 hours in his room playing video games

However, things worked out miraculously, the teenager won a million dollar with the second place. Commenting on the prize money, Mrs. Lisa thought Jaden would be happy enough with a lifetime supply of Uber Eats and playing videos all days.

This is the common story nowadays where most parents are still unsupportive of their child's gaming career. This should not be an obstacle that prevents Esports athletes from competing. Esports are just like regular sports as the rewards are just potentially high.