In 2013, KickBack Studios introduced Lost Echo, a 3D adventure mobile game. This $3.99 game was developed by only two people in Greece. Although it needed more work on it, the game still brought an impressive and breathtaking experience to users. Lost Echo actually never made a huge splash but it did sell well and had for its own a devoted group of fans.

Lost Echo is a modern, story-driven and sci-fi mystery adventure game.

Several updates were released later to improve those rough spots. One of a considerable update was the Lost Echo: Resonance.

The expansion of the original game is called Lost Echo: Resonance

This epilogue was supposed to be a supplementary chapter to complete some gaps and provide a better ending to the main game. The free follow-up story was meant to be completed in around six months, with up to a year at maximum. But after that, KickBack took around three years just to update Lost Echo on a regular basis to make sure that the game could benefit from every new technology and more powerful hardware.

Unity is used to created half of the world’s games.

Due to the fact that KickBack used a third party engine called Unity Engine to create the game and as a result was beholden to the decisions and changes made by Unity, the studio encountered some issues when transitioning from Unity 4 to 5. Basically, if they simply ported Lost Echoes over, the game might look worse than before because of some changes involving the lighting. What KickBack did to deal with this was rebuilding the game all over again from the beginning.

Now, it has been officially announced that the entire experience of Lost Echo has been remastered. The game today supports every the latest device and screen size. KickBack has greatly improved navigation, visual effects, animations, and text, etc. Another good thing is that it is free for existing users of Lost Echo and costs only $3.99 for the new ones. Super reasonable for a stunning game!

Lost Echoes
Unity 5 brought lighting changes to the game.

And about the Lost Echo: Resonance, don’t worry if you are thinking it has been canned or something, actually it is having much development up till now. KickBack has already said that there is a rough roadmap for the whole Lost Echo series and the studio wants to release Resonance in 2019. The two developers have upgraded the version from a concise epilogue as it was meant to be to a full sequel. KickBack is planning to introduce Resonance as a free update to the main game. However, they may increase the price of the main game by around a dollar if they do.