Characters are an important Free Fire asset thanks to the skills that they have. Also counting the default, we currently have 39 characters in total. Moreover, players can create different character combinations by mixing their skills (usually one active and three passive abilities).

On the other hand, DJ Alok has been part of Garena Free Fire since November 2019. And he has emerged as one of the most outstanding options for players thanks to its unique skill “Drop the Beat”.

In case you are searching for a solution, here we shall list the three best character combinations with DJ Alok in the game.

Dj Alok
Who makes the best character combinations with DJ Alok? See below for more details.

1. Alok + Luqueta + Jai + Jota

  • Luqueta: Hat Trick
  • Jai: Raging Reload
  • Jota: Sustained Raids
Luqueta Jai Jota
Luqueta, Jai, and Jota

In Raging reload, the magazine of the firearm is reloaded by 45 percent while knocking an opponent down. It only applies to the guns from Pistol, AR, SG, and SMG categories.

The Sustain Raids of Jota regains 40 HP each kill during a Shotgun or SMG. Meanwhile, its cooldown time lasts five seconds. It may also offer you the much in-need HP in crunch situations while you rush onto the in-game foes.

Meanwhile, Luqueta’s Hat Trick skill boosts max HP by 18 and up to 35 HP per frag. Hence, after defeating two enemies, you would have 235 max health.

2. Alok + Hayato + Maro + Moco

  • Moco: Hacker’s Eye
  • Maro: Falcon Fervor
  • Hayato: Bushido
Maro Moco Hayato
Maro, Moco, Hayato

Another one of the best character combinations with DJ Alok is with Hayato, Moco, and Maro. Hacker’s Eye will tag foes for 5 secs after they get shot. Also, their locations are shred with the teammates. It can help you carefully carry out the next move.

Bushido also increases the armor penetration by 10 percent with a 10 percent of the decrease in the maximum HP. If you get the awakened version, their frontal damage will reduce much further.

In Maro’s skill, your damage also enhances with the distance to 25%. Above that, the amount of damage to the marked enemies has risen by 3.5 percent.

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3. Alok + Dasha + Shirou + Joseph

  • Dasha: Partying On
  • Shirou: Damage Delivered
  • Joseph: Nutty Movement
Dasha Shirou Joseph
Dasha, Shirou, Joseph make the one of the best character combinations with DJ Alok.

Damage Delivered is the ability of Shirou. As a foe shoots the player within a radius of 80m, the opponent will be tagged for 6 seconds. Moreover, the first shot has 100% more armor penetration and its cooldown time is 20 seconds.

Meanwhile, Dasha’s Partying On skill has multiple benefits that assist users in the fields. Take a look at all the benefits at their maximum level:

  1. Decrease recovery time from falls by 80%
  2. Reduce damage taken from falls by 50%
  3. Decrease the recoil buildup rate by 10%
  4. Reduce maximum recoil by 10%

To conclude, Joseph’s skill enhances the sprinting and moving speed by 20%, letting players rush onto or evade their enemies.

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