Krafton is releasing PUBG New State globally very soon, with a leaked release date on November 11. It is going to be PUBG Mobile's direct sequel, with the same battle royale core gameplay but with different features. In this article, we are going to showcase the top 5 most innovative features in PUBG New State that BGMI doesn't have.

PUBG New State
PUBG New State is going to be the next gen battle royale for mobile.

5. Different story settings

PUBG New State will take gamers to the future of the PUBG universe. The game is set in 2051 and offers futuristic gameplay. Because of this, more options are going to be opened up for players. From different looks, and outfits to weapons and even vehicles.

It is likely that various story details will also be placed on the maps of New State. It would be a good idea to learn more about the ending of the original PUBG game.

4. A brand new map "Troi" with never before seen features

PUBG rarely ever gets new maps, as they are the hardest thing to design for the devs. This makes the new map of New State, Troi, even more special. Exploring it and checking out the points of interest would definitely be a blast. This is going to be one of the biggest features in PUBG New State.

3. Vehicles

BGMI players got a taste of the future during the recent Tesla collaboration. However, it was a limited-time event and was taken down after some time. PUBG New State vehicle list is going to include futuristic options: from personal cars to public transport trains.

These additions will definitely influence PUBG New State's gameplay for the better. Vehicles are great in the original PUBG, but they could always serve a bigger role in the game.

Vehicle Pubg New State
The vehicle in PUBG New State is going to be super strange.

2. Weapon customization

Weapon customization is going to be one of the main gameplay features of PUBG New State. While this already exists as "attachments" in the original PUBG Mobile and BGMI, it is expected that New State is going to bring weapon customization to the next level.

Apparently, the futuristic weapons in PUBG New State will gain new features with different attachments equipped instead of just a slight increase in stats.

Weapon modification is going to be amongst the best features in PUBG New State.

1. Drones

Drones are going to be a major feature that separates PUBG New State from BGMI and PUBG Mobile. Players will be able to use drones to track down and eliminate their foes. They are common weapons used by armies in modern war.

Their addition will change the usual battle royale gameplay forever. Players will now have to deal with hidden, flying threats instead of just a normal guy with a gun. Because of this, PUBG New State system requirements are also going to be higher.

A Drone attack in PUBG New State

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