Garena announced Free Fire Max quite a while ago, with many beta phases in different countries. With the arrival of the 4th anniversary of the game, looks like it is finally India's turn. In this article, we are going to showcase everything available about the recent leak about Free Fire Max India version's expected release date.

Free Fire Max India pre-registration expected release date

In a recent social media post, Free Fire's popular data miner Knight Clown has revealed that Free Fire Max pre-registration for the Indian region will start very soon. If these leaks were to be believed, the registration phase will commence on August 29.

He has also posted two videos about Free Fire Max, with the tag "4th Anniversary". This implies that the event will coincide with the anniversary and might even be announced on the Free Fire 4th Anniversary peak day.

However, it is important to understand that Garena has not announced this officially. They can definitely change the plan at the last minute, so don't get your hope up to much, just in case.

Why is the Free Fire Max India registration so late?

Indian players had been waiting for their turn to play with the beta, ever since the pre-registration for the Middle East region went live. Garena has been playing the slow game with Free Fire Max. In the past, they first tested it on smaller countries like Cambodia or Bolivia and other small regions. Currently, the game is available in Vietnam, while the open beta for the MENA region started in June.

This is probably a problem with the server, as the player base of Free Fire in India is absolutely huge. It is likely that they are saving the India beta for a more "completed" version of Free Fire Max. This is why Free Fire Max Launch Date is delayed.

Free Fire Max
Free Fire Max India Release Date is finally here.

Free Fire Max minimum requirements

Below are the minimum system requirements to play Free Fire Max. This is a tad bit higher than normal Free Fire, but still completely manageable. Most Indian players should be able to fulfill this requirement.


  • RAM: 2 GB or above
  • Operating system - Android 4.4 and above


  • Device: iPhone 6S or above
  • Operating system: iOS 11 and above

About Free Fire Max India

Free Fire has been a huge success in India and all over the world with its low-graphics approach. Almost everyone can play Free Fire, even if their phone is on the very low end. However, this strategy went against Free Fire in the long run, as phones are getting better and people demand better graphics... this is why Free Fire Max, the improved version of Free Fire, was created.

It is a separate application from Free Fire, but you can still use your normal Free Fire account to log in. You can also play with other players who use the normal Free Fire app as well.

Garena has enhanced the visual effects and animations with new features like 360 Degree Lobby and Craftland, which allows players to create their own map. The latter feature was made available very recently in the Advance server.

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