The Basically Blue Wild Creature in Genshin Impact is an ongoing event that grants players multiple rewards like Primogems, Mora and more. The Day 3 mission requires players to take pictures of 10 blue-ish animals in the game. In case you are looking for the way to collect them the fastest possible, check out our Genshin Blue Wild Creature guide below!

Genshin Blue Wild Creature
Basically blue creature Genshin Impact event.

Graph Adversarial Day 3: Basically Blue Wild Creatures

Do take note that blue enemies are not eligible for your pictures this time around. The acceptable creatures are living and non-aggressive animals. Some of the creatures you can search for include:

  • Leisurely Otter
  • Cryo Crystalfly
  • Hydro Crystalfly
  • Blue Frog
  • Ocean Crab
  • Emerald Finch
  • Venomspine Fish
  • Blue Horned Lizard
  • Flatcrest Fulmar
  • Dusk Bird
  • Bluecrown Finch
  • Adorned Unagi
  • Violetgold Angler Gull
  • Snow-Winged Goose
  • Blue-Fin Bass
  • Sunny Loach
  • Bluethunder Weasel
  • Lucklight Fly
  • Marrow Lizard
  • Aizen Medaka
  • Snowstrider
  • Formalo Ray
  • Rippling Heartfeather Bass
  • Lazurite Axe Marlin
  • Streaming Axe Marlin

Locations to spot every Basically Blue Wild Creature

Here are the locations of animals with a slash of blue that you can take pictures of.

1. Otters

Genshin Impact Otters are exceptionally friendly, they will eventually assemble and willingly follow you. Just dive into the waters in this area and you can spot around 8 Otters.

You are just two chances away from wrapping up your collection for the Basically Blue Wild Creature challenge. However, besides Otters, you can capture other blue animals.

Otter Genshin Location
Search for otters underwater.

2. Hydro Crystalfly

Make your way to the Fontaine Talent Domain (Pale Forgotten Glory). Then, capture shots of the Hydro Crystalflies in the vicinity.

There are three of them here, providing an opportunity to take more photos, especially if you missed an Otter in the previous location. One tip is you can find Crystalfly of an element near the Statue of the Seven of the corresponding element.

You can also collect the Crystalflies right after snapping their photo.

3. Cryo Crystalfly

Cryo Crystalflies are scattered all over Dragonspine! In case you're having trouble locating any, a reliable spawn point is marked for you. Head to the designated location and explore the cave to find the Cryo Crystalflies.

Cryo Crystalfly Location
Cryo Crystalfly location: you can find different crystalflies in different regions following the element you want.

4. Emerald Finch

The best place to find this Genshin Blue Wild Creature in Genshin Impact is Liyue Harbor. The specific blue bird you're after is the Emerald Finch.

5. Blue Frog

Blue Frogs are scattered in various places with bodies of water. However, you will frequently encounter them in the marked location on the map. Teleport to the waypoint in Springvale, and scan the water carefully to spot the Blue Frogs.

6. Blue Ocean Crab

For Ocean Crabs, you may find them along nearly any shore. But Falcon Coast is the most convenient location to search! Make sure to sprint and swiftly collect them, as they tend to scuttle away rapidly.

Additionally, you can find Ocean Crabs along the shores of Guyun Stone Forest.

Blue Ocean Crab Genshin Location
Find the blue crabs along Falsocn Coast in Mondstadt.

7. Blue Horned Lizards

Blue Horned Lizards may appear in various grassy fields. You can even look for them atop a rock just before the bridge leading to Dihua Marsh.

While there are plenty of other photo-worthy options, this route offers a relatively simple way to capture all you need for this challenge.

8. Aizen Medaka

Now, you may head and strut around Mondtstadt for several Genshin basically blue creatures at the same time.

Activate the teleport waypoint just outside Mondstadt City, then head northwest towards the fishing location. In the water, you'll come across several spawns of Aizen Medaka.

9. Venomspine Fish

Venomspine Fish also counts as a blue wild creature.

Make use the Statue of The Seven in Windrise, Mondstadt, for teleportation. Then make your way to the southern lake. Even though the Venomspine Fish isn't blue, the event recognizes it as a blue creature, allowing you to capture its picture. Keep in mind that it only spawns between in-game 18:00 and 6:00.

10. Adorned Unagi

Now teleport to Watatsumi Island for Adorned Unagi. Walk along this area to find some.

Adorned Unagi Genshin
Adorned Unagi disappears very quickly, so make sure you have a quick hand for the pics.

11. Sunny Loach

Sunny Loaches are also blue creatures and you can find them in Watatsumi Island and Suigetsu Pool. After taking pictures of them, you can go after these animals and get their pearl. Although Loach Pearl is considered quite useless in Genshin Impact right now, who knows if they come into good use in the future.

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