PUBG Mobile players can get customer support from the publishers easily. Sometimes, you may have some problems while playing this game and need supports from the developers. Then, you can contact the customer service by one of these three ways below.

Three Ways To Contact PUBG Mobile Customer Support

When players get problems while playing this game, they can send reports to the customer service. For example, when you encounter hackers, some glitches, or bugs, you can report it to the developers. There are three ways to contact customer service to get support. Check them out below.

In-game support

This is the fastest and easiest way to contact PUBG Mobile customer service. In the lobby of the game, you go to the Setting. In the bottom left corner, there is a button of Customer Service located between the Log Out and Privacy Policy buttons.

Tab Here To Contact The In Game Customer Support S
Tab here to contact the in-game customer support staff in PUBG Mobile

Tapping on this button, the Help center will pop up and give you a number of popular problems you may get. You can get the answers about general, account, or system problems. Or else, you enter your problem in the search box. The automated bot will help you navigate your problem in the list of problems and give you the answer.

Pubg Mobile Help Center
PUBG Mobile Help Center

If it can’t solve your own problems, you chat with the customer staff and send them your troubles. In the Help center, you tap on Contact Us and enter your message in the text box.

Discord Server

The game publisher also introduces a discord server to receive questions and solve problems for players. The support staff of PUBG Mobile will be online most of the time to chat and help you. To contact support staff, you go to the pubgm-support category and chat with them. The staff will answer your questions or help you solve problems. You can also give feedback about bugs or report cheaters in this support server.


The third way to contact customer support in PUBG Mobile is by sending them your problems via email. To contact the customer service of the game via mails, you send your email to the official email address:

Send Email To Customer Service In Pubg Mobile
Send Email To Customer Service In PUBG Mobile