Every PUBG Mobile player has a unique in-game name, but once you set your in-game name, this name could not be changed freely. Therefore, for the players who want to shift from one clan to another, or just no longer like the current in-game name, a rename card is a mandatory item to change the name. But how to get a rename card in PUBG Mobile? Generally, it can be purchased in the PUBG Mobile in-game shop. However, if you do not want to spend money to change your in-game name, there are other ways to get rename card in PUBG Mobile for free. And here we will show you how to get a rename card in PUBG Mobile, and some tricks to get a rename card for free in PUBG Mobile 2020 and PUBG Mobile season 13.

1. Get a rename card in PUBG Mobile by purchasing through the shop

The simplest and fastest way to get a rename card in PUBG Mobile is to purchase it in PUBG Mobile in-game shop. You just have to go into the PUBG Mobile shop, then click the “Others” tab. You will see a list of items, now find the rename card and get the purchase option. A rename card costs 180 UC (Unknown Cash – the PUBG Mobile in-game currency). If you have no UC, you will have to buy the UC by real money or earn from the Elite Royale Battle Pass.

Pubg Mobile Lite

A rename card can be used to change the name once per day, so you can have as much rename card as you need by choosing the number of cards to buy.

Nevertheless, lots of people do not want to spend real money just to change their character’s name, and you can find below how to get rename card in PUBG Mobile for free.

2. How to get a rename card in PUBG Mobile 2020 for free?

Tencent has launched PUBG Mobile season 13 – the latest season of PUBG Mobile 2020 on the global server. There are 4 ways you can get rename card In PUBG Mobile season 13 for free:

  • Get rename card for free for the first time login

For the very first time login PUBG Mobile, you will receive a free rename card as a reward. You can check your inventory to find it, and use it to change your in-game name. But remember that this reward is only given once for the very first time login, so if you intend to logout game and log in again to get more free rename cards, this only wastes your time!

  • Completing progress missions

The second way to get rename card in PUBG Mobile season 13 for free is by completing the missions from Level 1 to Level 10. This method might be more useful for new players than veterans.

Progress Mission
Progress Mission in PUBG Mobile

After completing the 10th mission, you can see the icon of rename card unlocked and you will get the card. Go to your inventory to use it to make your own stylish character’s name!

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  • Get free rename card as returner reward

Returner reward has been added since PUBG Mobile in 2019. The purpose is to encourage the players returning to play PUGB Mobile after a long time delaying.

Return Reward
Complete Returner Missions to get a rename card for free

To use this trick, you need to logout your PUBG Mobile account and stop playing for at least 2 weeks or 15 days. When you log into the game again, you will be offered the returning user missions. It will take you 5 days to complete all missions. They are quite easy for the players who had played the game before. A free rename card will be rewarded to you when you reach 400 activity points.

  • Using weekly crew coin to get free rename card

Another method to get a rename card in PUGB Mobile season 13 for free is to get it from the crew shop. A rename card can be redeemed with 200 crew coins. You can log in every Monday to collect 30 coins or join crew challenges daily to get more coins. If you have used both progress missions and the returner reward method, this way might be useful for you.

Crew Challenge is an in-game challenge mode in which players form a crew of 6 and participating in matches with other crews. 30+ coins can be collected after each match. In this way you can have unlimited rename cards providing that you collect enough crew coins.

Crew Challenge
Participating in Crew Challenge to get free rename card

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In general, these are currently working ways to get rename cards in PUBG Mobile. We hope that you have known how to get a rename card in PUBG Mobile. We are still updating and if there is any new working method, we will let you know in Gurugamer.com.