The new free-to-play mobile game God Kings will bring players to a battle among kingdoms while it immerses them in a mythical fantasy setting with awesome 3D graphics. As the name of this game suggests, players will be commanders of colossal Guardians and armies of warriors in their battles to dominate the World.

The latest creation by InnoGames draw players into a mythical world and a journey to be the ultimate King.

We will meet a group of mythical beasts in this game, including the all-time favorites dragons! At the first stage, every player will own a powerful dragon called Droconos. It can bolster the construction as well as marching speed.

To summon the 15 guardians one by one, players have to find and conquer beasts living around the World map while keep collecting materials needed for it.

You will not be alone in this conquer because while you are playing, the other players will be randomly put somewhere else in the game world. Therefore, multiple other players around the real world are conquering the kingdoms with you!

Some beginner tips for God Kings

While fighting to conquer other kingdoms, don’t forget to tentatively upgrade buildings in your own land, because another conqueror can defeat you anytime. Moreover, if your city grows faster than your competitors', you can actively challenge their cities before they become stronger.

Each battle can happen in different locations so making use of time to conduct training for your army anywhere from deserts, jungles, arctic to even volcanic landscapes! Don't ever lose your attention, as a war can fire up anytime.

Build a fantasy empire in unseen beautiful 3D graphics game – God Kings

In God Kings, thousands of other powerful cities will surround yours on the world map so it is crucially important to join an alliance early and coordinate with other players to attack rival players or to assist each other in building cities as fast as you can. Why don’t you invite other friends to play and create strong alliances to take control over a larger area on the map?

You can find the game God Kings on both Google Play and App Store, so head to it and raise your own world!