The Moonlight Merriment event has eventually entered its last stage. The Genshin Impact Path of Austere Frost is now available to explore.

While no more story is there to go through, you can enjoy your time while hunting the Moonchase Charms and Mystmoon Chests. The Moonlight Merriment yields players more than 1000 Primogems which is a lot compared to the regular 420 Primogems.

Moonchase Charm
Where can you find all Mystmoon Chests and Moonchase Charms in this phase?

While Moonchase Charms works the same as Oculi, each Mystmoon Chest gives 5 Primogems. While exploring the last path, players may miss some of the Mystmoon Chest and Moonchase Charm locations Path of Austere Frost.

Here’s a guide to make it easier for you to collect them.

Moonlight Seeker: Path Of Austere Frost

Same to Path of Gentle Breezes, the Path of Austere Frost also includes 20 Moonchase Charms and 30 Mystmoon Chests. That is why players can expect a bonus of 150 Primogems from this phase.

After completing 100% of the progress, you can also gain the last Emperor Balsam which allows your Luxurious Sea-Lord claymore weapon to get to maximum refinement. Apart from that, the path will reward players 80000 Mora and 18 Mystic Enhancement Ores.

Genshin Impact Path Of Austere Frost
Path of Austere Frost is the last part of the Moonlight Merriment event.

Another similar challenge, the Path of Stalwart Stone has 40 Mystmoon Chests and 30 Moonchase Charms.

All Mystmoon Chest and Moonchase Charm locations in Path Of Austere Frost

Path of Austere Frost is in the northern area of Dragonspine. You can begin the venture from the Dragonspine camp, and the first Mystmoon Chest and Moonchase Charm shall be found close to the bridge. After this, walk along the shore to explore more chests.

Take a look at this map to have a closer look at the Mystmoon Chest And Moonchase Charm Locations in Path Of Austere Frost.

Moonchase Charms Path Of Austere Frost
Locations of 20 Moonchase Charms in Path of Austere Frost.
Mystmoon Chest and Moonchase Charm Locations In Path of Austere Frost Genshin Impact
All locations of 30 Mystmoon Chests in Path Of Austere Frost.

As the area of Dragonspine is mountainous, you may have to use some climbing to collect some items. If all the items cannot be discovered although you have roamed everywhere on the ground, consider hunting on the higher ground.

Path Of Austere Frost hint from Linyang

You can always speak to the NPC named Linyang whenever you need help with the collection. Although Linyang may say that Iris is the one with responsibility for Drasonspine chests, talking to Iris won’t lead to any special conversation.

Speak to Linyang for any questions regarding the quest.

In case players have not completed the earlier areas, they can also ask Linyang for a slew of places at the same time. However, for every area, you can only ask her once per day.

Moonlight Merriment event is held to celebrate the Moonchase Festival which is also the second big festival in Liyue. In the Genshin Impact 2.1 update, the event focuses on the genesis of the Stove God. At the end of the story quest, it is unveiled that the panda-like friend of Xiangling, Guoba, is in fact the weakened Stove God.

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