Weapon skins are one of the best cosmetics in Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI). They make your weapon much flashier and allow your character to stand out on the battlefield. In this article, we are going to list out the top 5 best upgradable weapon skins in Battlegrounds Mobile India.

5. DP 28 Gilded Jade Dragon

The DP 28 is a slow but hard hitting machine gun. It combines the firepower of an AR with the support capability of a machine gun, which is popular with new players. The Gilded Jade Dragon completely changes the shapes and color of the gun, giving its body a swirling dragon decoration.

DP 28
DP 28 Gilded Jade Dragon

Other parts of the weapon also get a multicolor upgrade as well - the whole gun becomes a strikingly colorful stick. This is one of the most unique amongst upgradable weapon skins in BGMI.

4. M24 Circle of Life

The M24 is an alternate option for the Kar98k, with lower damage but higher muzzle velocity. The Circle of Life M24 follows a much different approach in skin design - its primary attraction, the Finish effect, is unlocked at the first level. It is a very flashy yellow and blue color.

Overall, the Circle of Life M24 is colorful and playful, with a shoe-like ornament on its barrel.

M24 Circle of Life

3. QBZ Fatal Strike

After the 1.6 updates of BGMI, the QBZ Fatal Strike has become one of the most coveted weapon skin in the game. It is the best skin for this overall neglected weapon, with a final form so awesome it puts the other skins to shame.

Appearance wise, the Fatal Strike QBZ looks very subdued, with brow, red and black components. It is the best to go with some of the darker costume sets in the game.

QBZ Fatal Strike

2. AWM Godzilla

Released as part of the Godzilla vs Kong collaboration, the AWM Godzilla has been one of the most used skins of this popular weapon. Its best features are probably the black and blue color combination and the realistic effects. Your sniper would look much cooler with this skin equipped. The weapon is inspired by Godzilla's body and his ability to breath nuclear flames.

The Godzilla AWM is best used alongside the costume sets from the event. The developer has been adding some of the accessories and skin back to the game.

AWM Godzilla

1. M416 Techno Core

The M416 Techno Core is a stunning skin for one of the most popular AR in BGMI. While its basic appearance might look ordinary, the skin is anything but. Once upgraded to the maximum level, your M416 would turn into a futuristic gun.

Appearance wise, the M416 Techno Core is perfect to use in combination with a futuristic costume set. The gun is mostly grey and black, with glowing blue lights from its body. This is the best amongst upgradable weapon skin in BGMI.

M416 Techno Core

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