Emotes are a fun way to express yourself in Garena Free Fire. These special cosmetic items allow players to perform different actions or poses in the game. Over the course of time, the devs have released countless emotes into the realm of Free Fire. However, there are certainly some more popular than others. Here are our picks for the top 5 emotes in Garena Free Fire!

#1 FFWC Throne

Last seen in a time-limited event just days ago, the FFWC Throne emote is one of the rarest and best emotes of all time. Only players who have been playing the game since 2019 may get hold of this legendary to emote.

Ffwc Throne Emote
The FFWC Throne emote is one of the rarest and best emotes in Free Fire.

#2 Chicken Emote

Next on our top 5 emotes in Free Fire is the Chicken emote. It has been a fan-favorite since its debut in the Elite Pass Season 7 - Steampunk Revolution. Only players who have purchased that pass won this reward. Since then, players have been begging Garena to bring the emote back into the game somehow. But so far, it has been pretty exclusive.

Free Fire Chicken Emote
The Chicken emote has been a fan-favorite since its debut in the Elite Pass Season 7.

#3 Push-up

What's more hilarious than doing a push-up on top of your enemies? This cool emote came to the Season 9 Elite Pass and stayed exclusive for quite a while. Once equipped, your character will do some planche push-ups. It looks even more fun when you equip the Hip-hop outfit for your character.

Push Up Emote
A Push-Up a day keeps the enemies away.

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#4 Pirate's Flag

Speaking of the top 5 emotes in Free Fire, we cannot skip the epic Pirate's flag! It's a reward in the Pirate Top Up event for 500 Diamonds. Players who missed their chances in the event may find it challenging to own this emote. Using the Pirate's flag emote will make your character hold a pirate flag and slam it on the ground. Pair it with an edgy look to make the action even more dramatic!

Pirates Flag
Pirate's Flag emote.

#5 Doggie

Last but not least, it's the legendary Doggie emote! This is one of the most favorites emotes in Free Fire since it's super rare. It came to this game in the Emote Party event. When using this emote, your character will dance with a lovely Shiba.

Doggie Emote
Equip the Doggie emote and dance your sorrow away!

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