Along with the blossom of video games, terms like noob, normal, or pro player become more and more popular. However, do you fully understand the meaning of these terms, and base on what criteria we can classify players into different types? In fact, this article will help you find what can define a noob and pro player but also give you some clue on how to become a pro player in any game.

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What is a noob and what is a pro player, this article will give you the most concise answer

Noob player

You might find the world one of the most popular terms in the gaming world. In fact, the word noob describes a genuine newbie who is completely new to the game. These players are inexperienced and have a lack of knowledge about the game. They will be seen landing in an intensive zone, following other players and their reaction time is quite slow. And with all of the reasons above, these players are likely to be killed in the very first minutes of the games.

However, not all newbie players are noob. The word noob is widely used to mock and troll players who are inexperienced but keep boasting about their skills. Meanwhile ‘game lag’ is the popular excuse for their failure in the match.

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Normal Player

Normal players are the most popular type of player in the game and their franks vary from tiers to platinum and diamond. These players join the match with some tactics, they will choose a less density drop place instead of the intensive one. They are serious about the game, eager to improve their skills, push their rank, and win the game.

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Pro player

A diamond level player is excellent but to become a pro player, he needs to take it to the next level - to master the art of battle. When it comes to pro players, video games turn into a form of art with it. They can master the gun recoil, understand each weapon just like the back of their hand, strike the enemies with fast and unpredictable moves. Most pro players are also spotted using claw control or use the emulators.

The most famous PUBG mobile pro players in India are Mortal, Dynamo, and Kronen. All of them achieved the Crow or Conqueror tier and earned tags like Pacifist or Master.

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To become a pro player, intensive practice is a must. In addition to that, you also need to have a clear and concise strategy from the start. A great clan will also keep you moving forward and learn a valuable lesson. Don't forget to update your knowledge about in-game weapons, vehicles, and many other features.

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