We live in a world where technology has become the norm, where you have a tiny supercomputer in your pocket at all times, otherwise known as a mobile phone. You use your phone for everything, so why not gaming? Mobile games have become increasingly popular, with everyone from casual to committed gamers enjoying the fun of playing on their phones. Here, we take a look at what gamers love most about mobile games and the variety of games you can try.


High-quality gaming experiences


We have come a long way from playing Snake on our brick phones, and new mobile games are extremely high-quality, without being as big an investment as a console game. Excellent graphics and involving play are to be expected, and there are also a lot of new and up-and-coming games that are in beta, allowing you to try some of the most cutting edge and different games on the market. The lower cost of creating mobile games leaves more room for creativity from smaller creators, giving you an amazing range of experiences.

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The endless game choices & ease of use in mobile gaming


Perhaps the biggest contributing factor as to why mobile gaming is so loved is down to ease of use. Your phone is always with you, so you can always be gaming. Whether you are hanging out at home, commuting, or killing time while waiting for a friend, the portability of your phone means you can play more frequently.

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As phones become more powerful, download speeds become faster, and many games take up next to no room on your phone. Another reason that mobile gaming is growing in popularity is also the diversity of game genres available across Android and iOS devices. There really is something for everybody! From puzzle and word games to strategy games, and even table games from popular online casinos like 21.co.uk, there are options for whatever kind of gameplay you enjoy.


A sense of community


While mobile phones were originally created without gaming in mind, now nearly everyone enjoys playing a little something on their phone. This has created an increasing sense of community among those who enjoy these games - sometimes over and above PC or console games. Many mobiles now come with multiplayer gaming options using online platforms or Bluetooth technology, or you can communicate with other players across the world using chat functions.

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Even if you don’t want to chat with other players, you can still compete via leaderboards that add a fun element to your gaming - and one that keeps you coming back to try and beat your own best scores, and other players’!


Cost-effectiveness gaming


If you are not a passionate and experienced gamer, you may be a little reluctant to splash out on a gaming computer or a console that could cost a huge amount of money. Luckily, one of the reasons why mobile games are so popular is the range of cheap and free games available.

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Mobile games bridge the gap between those who are new to gaming and those who just want a different way to play. You can try many games completely for free, with only upgrades costing money, or purchase games for a low cost. There are so many different types of games, with many different price points including being free, so even if you just want to try something and don’t enjoy it, you won’t lose out.

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