Free Fire's newest incubator of OB28, the Mythos M60, has finally been released. The Incubator spin will last for exactly one month - it ends on July 12. In this article, we are going to list out the bonuses of all 4 Mythos M40 skins to find out which one is the strongest. These weapons are based on the 4 sacred animals of Chinese mythology: Dragon, Tiger, Phoenix, and Turtle.

Azure Stormbringer M60

The Azure Stormbringer is based on the Dragon - with a teal theme and a dragon crest on its body.

Azure Stormbringer M60
Azure Stormbringer Mythos M60 skin
  • ++ Damage
  • + Rate of fire
  • - Magazine

The most expensive M60 skin in this incubator, the Azure Stormbringer has the best damage bonuses amongst the skins. With ++ in damage and + in rate of fire, it makes the already high DPS of the M60 becomes even higher. Combined with the 28% fire rate buff in machine-gun mode, you would have a killing machine.

The Magazine demerit is not a problem, as the M60 has a large magazine size.

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Frost Sabertooth M60

The Frost Sabertooth M60 skin is based on the Tiger, with a blue theme and a tiger crest on its body.

Frost Sabertooth M60
Frost Sabertooth Mythos M60 skin
  • ++ Rate of fire
  • + Accuracy
  • - Reload Speed

These bonuses are arguably on par with the Azure Stormbringer - or even better in some cases. The weakness of the M60 has always been its low accuracy, and an accuracy bonus is welcome on this gun. The rate of fire bonus lets you headshot much easier. The reload speed demerit is also not much of a problem.

Volcanic Whirlwind M60

The red version of this incubator is surprisingly not the best one. It is based on the Phoenix, with a crest on its body.

Volcanic Whirlwind M60
Volcanic Whirlwind Mythos M60 skin
  • ++ Armor penetration
  • + Range
  • - Magazine

The armor penetration bonus is a good addition to improve the M60's damage, however, it won't be much of a boost early on in the game. The range buff is good, but it is not as useful as a damage boost, as the M60 has low accuracy. Overall, this skin is weaker than the previous two.

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Shadow Earthshaker M60

The Shadow Earthshaker M60 is based on the Turtle, with a green theme and a turtle crest on its body.

Shadow Earthshaker M60
Shadow Earthshaker Mythos M60 skin
  • ++ Range
  • + Damage
  • - Movement speed

Overall, the bonuses of this gun are fairly decent, with double range and extra damage providing good DPS at a reasonable cost. However, its movement speed demerit is a big problem, as the M60 is already pretty slow.

Which is the strongest M60 Skin in the Mythos Incubator?

Usually, the Incubators are designed with the most expensive skins being the strongest... and this M60 Mythos Incubator is not an exception. The Azure Stormbringer is the best, with the Frost Sabertooth comes a close second. The Shadow Earthshaker, even with its demerit, is better than the Volcanic Whirlwind.

Free Fire Mythos M60 Incubator
4 weapons in Free Fire Mythos M60 skin Incubator

Overall, with Garena buffing this gun massively and the cost to craft these incubators being abnormally low, you should definitely spin to get these skins.

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