In Minecraft, you need food to keep your character's hunger bar filled. If the hunger bar becomes empty, your character will begin to starve, which can lead to various negative effects, such as losing health over time, being unable to regenerate health, and becoming more susceptible to damage. Eating food is also necessary for health regeneration, which is important during battles or when facing dangerous situations.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the 10 best food items in Minecraft 1.20.

1. Bread

One of the easiest foods to obtain early in the game. Piles of hay bales commonly generate around plains, desert and savanna villages, which can easily be converted into an ample supply of bread.

Bread is a staple food in Minecraft

They also take little resources to farm and maintain. Players can just use a crafting table to make bread - no smelting required.

2. Cooked mutton/cooked salmon

Restore 9.6 saturation. Two pieces regenerate 19.2 saturation (equivalent to 20), filling the saturation bar completely. This food can be found fairly early on, provided that there are salmon or sheep in the area. Players should cook the meat in campfires to increase its potency.

Breed Sheep
Breeding sheep to get mutton and wool.

Salmon spawn commonly in rivers and oceans in large schools, and respawn relatively quickly without needing to breed them.

3. Cooked chicken

The best part about chickens is that they are easier to find than most other passive mobs. Players can also get eggs and feathers on top of their meat.

Minecraft Chickens Army
It is really easy to create more chicken in Minecraft

Chickens can be bred with any of several kinds of seeds to breed, and the eggs make even those optional. Players only need one chicken to create a chicken farm - this is one of the easiest farms to make, compared to other animals that require breeding.

Eggs can be used to craft valuable food items such as cake or pumpkin pie.

4. Golden Carrot

  • Restore 3 hunger points

Amongst the top three magical food in the game (enchanted golden apple, golden apple, and golden carrot), the golden carrot is the most efficient. They are cheaper than golden apples - a golden carrot costs 8 gold nuggets, but a golden apple costs 8 gold ingots!

Golden Carrots
Golden Carrots are much better than the other two gold food items, as they can be bought from villagers.

A golden carrot restores 14.4 saturation, the highest of any stackable food currently in the game. Players can either craft them with a carrot farm and a gold farm or outright buy them from farmer villagers in large quantities.

5. Suspicious stew (saturation)

  • Restore 3 hunger points

When crafted with blue orchid or dandelion, suspicious stew grants the effect of Saturation for 7‌/6‌ ticks (0.35/0.3 seconds). This means players gain an additional 7  hunger and 14 saturation, for a total of 13 hunger and 21.2 saturation.

Suspicious Stew Minecraft
While it is a bit annoying to craft, the Suspicious stew (saturation) is a great way to restore your meters to full.

After being given a flower, a brown mooshroom can be "milked" for suspicious stew by using a bowl on it. This means players can get a lot of this stew by acquiring a brown mooshroom and flowers.

6. Porkchop

Porkchop is one of the staple survival food for all Minecraft players. It has great Hunger and Saturation value at 8 points and 12.8 points respectively. They are also super easy to obtain. You just have to slay a pig and cook Raw Porkchops in an oven. A pig can drop up to 4 Raw Porkchops.

Pig spawn across everywhere in the overworld in Minecraft, making them the best food in Minecraft survival for beginner players.

Pigs are a super common source of Porkchop to solve the hunger problem.

7.  Steak

Along with Porkchop, Steak is another common food that can easily solve the hunger problem. It has the same value as Porkchop. Cows have so many uses in Minecraft so most players will have a cow farm to get milk, leather, in addition to raw beef. Cows can be found commonly in various biomes in Minecraft.

You can kill a cow first and cook their meat or set the cow on fire directly to get steak.

Cow Minecraft
Cow are extremely common and they can give you Steak.

8. Enchanted Golden Apple

The Enchanted Golden Apple is the best food in Minecraft since it can offer much more than Hunger and Saturation. It is quite a luxury food item in Minecraft. To find Enchanted Golden Apple, you need to look for chests across the world in dungeons, mineshafts, desert temples, underwater ruins, bastion remnants.

While their Hunger and Saturation value is not high at all, they give players various buffs that are super useful in PvP situations in a multiplayer server. When eaten, they give 8 hearts of absorption protection, fire resistance 1, resistance 1, and regeneration 2.

Enchanted Golden Apple
Enchanted Golden Apple is a super rare item in Minecraft and it cannot be crafted.

9. Wheat

Wheat is probably the most straightforward food crop to grow in the game. It is useful in breeding and taming lots of animals - if you are hoping to raise livestock, having a wheat farm is a must. Players can feed cows, goats, mooshrooms, llamas, and sheep with wheat to tame them.

Feeding sheeps with wheat in Minecraft.

Furthermore, wheat can also be fed to heal ridable mobs like horses, donkeys and llamas. For the baby version of these mobs, eating wheat would let them grow. By condensing wheat into hay blocks, players get even more options. Hay bales can heal and speed the growth of horses and donkeys and breed tamed llamas.

10. Potatoes

A potato is a food item that can be planted, consumed raw, or cooked in a furnace or a campfire to make baked potatoes. Like carrots, potatoes are another food item that makes villager breeding possible. Players also need 12 potatoes to trigger this effect.

Minecraft Piglet
Pigs in Minecraft pretty much eat everything you give them.

Potatoes are also a common spawn on villagers' farms, which makes the villagers' breeding process faster. Additionally, pigs follow and can be bred by a player holding a potato.

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