Animals are one of the main features of Minecraft, which contributes to all kinds of farms. Players can get a lot of items from animals... and with breeding, the possibilities are endless. However, it is not that simple to tame and lead animals around. In this article, we are going to showcase how to attract animals in Minecraft and make them follow the player.

1. Sheep, goats, cows, and mooshrooms

Sheep, goats, cows, and mooshrooms are the "passive animals" that players often come across. Overall, they are some of the best sources of food farms in Minecraft, alongside other resources like wool or suspicious stew.

To attract them, players only need to hold wheat in one of their hands.

A rare pink Sheep in Minecraft

2. Horses, llamas, mules, and donkeys

Minecraft ridable animals such as horses, llamas, mules, and donkeys are attracted to golden apples and golden carrots. Using these items, players can lure them around. Apart from that, they can also be lured using wheat.

Overall, horse is one of the most useful animals in Minecraft.

A horse and its foal

3. Chickens

While chicken meat is not as filling as sheep, goats, or cow's, their automatic farms are very easy to create. Furthermore, they also spawn eggs, which can be used to create high tier food items. This is why taming chicken is something players often do.

To lure chickens around, just hold wheat in one hand while standing in their vicinity.

Chicken in Minecraft

4. Pandas

Panda breeding in Minecraft is fairly hard to do, however, luring them is actually fairly simple. To get their attention, players just need to hold the bamboo in their hands.

A panda in Minecraft

5. Pigs

Pigs are actually part of both the "passive" and "ridable" categories. They can be attracted using carrots. By combining a carrot with a fishing rod, players can create a carrot on a stick to ride the pigs in any direction they want.

However, pigs are the slowest rides in Minecraft so don't expect much from them. Meanwhile, you should breed pigs to make use of this food source.

A pig in Minecraft

6. Striders

Striders are the only passive mobs you can find in the Nether and the most unique animals in Minecraft. They eat warped fungus and will follow the players if they are holding it. Furthermore, players can also create a Warped fungus on a stick to ride striders around.

Due to their immunity to lava, they are the best ride you can get in the Nether.

A strider in Minecraft

7. Bees

Bees are one of the more recent mobs added to Minecraft. They are attracted to flowers and will follow any player with flowers in their hands. Bees pollinate plants and make honey - they are one of the more useful components in creating a self-sustaining farm.

You can learn how to harvest bees in Minecraft here.

Bees in Minecraft are more useful than people think

8. Cats and ocelot

These mobs can't actually be tamed by the player. However, they can be lured by holding a raw cod or salmon. The player needs to stand still for a while to lure them toward.

Cats in Minecraft are more or less decoration.

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