Let's see the human's world through the perspective of a rat! The developer The Dreamerians has announced its developing title - A Rat's Quest: The Way Back Home!

The announcement comes with a brand new trailer, and you can watch it down here:

About its story

A Rats Quest: The Way Back Home tells the romantic story between two mice. Mat, the main protagonist of the game, is making his way to reunite with his beloved one - Nat. Nat was under capture, and now being kept in the cage as a pet. Mat cannot afford to lose her, so he'll take on this rescue journey.

A Rat's Quest The Way Back Home 3
Mat the Rat is on his journey to save his lover!

Alongside each other, the two cute and brave mice will make plans to find their freedom - the outside world. However, the world has never been a safe place even for the"giant", not to mention the tiny rats. That's why their journey won't be like a piece of cake.  A lot of dangers is lurking to kill them, including the most terrifying one - "THE CLAW".

A Rat's Quest The Way Back Home 3
The human world is too big for a little rat

A Rat's Quest: The Way Back Home gameplay

That story concept has opened a lot of potentials for this game. And the developer has lived up with those potentials, and provide us with this fascinating game!

According to the developer, A Rat's Quest: The Way Back Home is basically a platformer with multiple perspectives.

For us, it's just a wardrobe, but for Mats - a tiny creature - that wardrobe is a vast dungeon with many smelly challenges waiting ahead. Even the smallest job for us - open the door is a very difficult task for the rats that he'll have to overcome a lot of risks to fulfill.

A Rat's Quest The Way Back Home 3
Open the door is an extremely difficult task for Mat

All of those challenges in this huge world will be delivered from many viewpoints. Mat will see the world mostly in 3D, but there will be times that he'll have to side-scroll through the area. The game also features a top-down perspective in some quests, too.

That's enough about the world, let's talk about our hero! Mat is nothing when comparing in side to the other creatures. That's why he'll have to bee very sneaky to avoid getting noticed. And luckily, that's the nature of the rats.

A Rat's Quest The Way Back Home 3
Sneaky. Sneaky!

He must jump, climb, slither and crawl in stealth mode to finish his objectives. The game features quite a lot of puzzles from easy to hard, and you can complete them from various approaches. The developer also teased that there will be no minimaps or no anchors, so you'll have to move on with your natural instinct!

A Rat's Quest The Way Back Home 3
There will be no navigator in this game

A Rat's Quest: The Way Back Home is coming to PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch in 2021. We don't know the exact release date yet, but it's too early to talk about this now.

The developer is still completing this game, and until then, we might see some changes and additional features! Those things will be in our future articles, so stay updated with Gurugamer!