The indie developer Cloud M1 has just launched its Kickstarter campaign for its project: Ayo The Clown. At this moment, the game has achieved over $11,700, accounting for nearly 70% of its funding goal.

This means the game is coming very close to us! And if you're really excited about the concept of the clown adventure, let's see the trailer below:

Don't even tough my dog!

“AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!”. That was the painful shout of our protagonist when he can't find his dog anywhere.

Ayo wakes up after a very loud crash. It's not due to the storms roaring out of the windows but within his room. And since he doesn't live alone, his reaction was predictable. He immediately jumps out of the bed to find his room in a total mess. The flower vase was knocked over, there are a lot of muddy footprints of his dog - Bo on the wall.

Ayo The Clown Kickstarter Campaign 4
His dog - Bo is nowhere to be found!

Our clown realizes something's definitely wrong. Bo has disappeared, leaving Ayo under utter devastation and confusion. In order to find his beloved mate back, Ayo throw himself to the stormy world outside, and takes on the extraordinary adventure!

About its gameplay

The developer has trumpeted Ayo the Clown to be a 2,5D platformer that features very cute visuals. It further emphasizes that it has taken the inspiration from many epic titles such as the Mario series and Donkey Kong. However, Cloud M1 still wants to make this game standing out by mixing more elements to its, such as the humor and a charming look for the characters.

Ayo The Clown Kickstarter Campaign 5
The characters in Ayo the Clown!

Furthermore, Ayo the Clown focus more on RPG and adventuring experiences. He doesn't just stop from the basic abilities in the beginning but starts to grow more skills later on. To be more specific, you'll be able to collect upgrades and extra hearts that increase your health bar's threshold. It comes in very handy in every situation, especially when you encounter tough bosses.

Ayo The Clown Kickstarter Campaign 1
Danger, but appealing!

Speaking about Ayo's skill, he can perform many tricks that a clown is good at. The most useful of those is a trusty balloon that can float him and even lift him up to the sky. And don' forget that Ayo is a man of action himself, and performing a double-jump is nothing for his skills!

As he moves on, Ayo will learn more skills, such as a balloon hammer that sounds very funny as you smash your opponents. It's just only one small ability that Ayo can unlock, and most of its are very quirky. Additionally, completing side quests also give you some funny accessories to customize the clown. What's a clown without a rubber chicken though!

Ayo The Clown Kickstarter Campaign 2
Playing further will unlock more costumes for Ayo

The puzzles in this game are quite special, including dodging the 3D thingy that'll push you down to the cliff, escaping the suction from the alien spaceships and even reversed gravity. With a total of 8 areas and various stages, the dangers posing to the clown seems never end!

Ayo The Clown Kickstarter Campaign 3
The vast world of the game provides a lot of struggles the clown

The skillful clown will have to overcome many puzzles standing between him and his juggling mate. And with the nature of a clown himself, Ayo will give out a funny joke every time he passes a puzzle. The jokes are not funny if they're repetitive, and Ayo understands that, too!

Supported platforms

If it succeeds in meeting the funding goals, Ayo the Clown will come out for PC through Steam at some times in August 2020.

Ayo The Clown Kickstarter Campaign 6
Ayo The Clown will head to consoles if it surpasses its goal

And if you want to play this funny game on consoles, you'd better pledge them something now. The consoles support only come only if Cloud M1 surpasses their funding goals.