I always respect video games that promote environment-protecting, so Beyond Blue immediately catches my eyes. And after I found out that it's the product from the hands of E-Line Media - the makers of Never Alone, I've decided that it's definitely my must-try.

Here's the trailer of the game, which shows you the aesthetic ocean ecosystem with a lot of species. You can watch this BBC-Earth-like video below:

The concept of Beyond Blue

The things that we've known about the ocean has always been lackluster, compared with the things that we haven't known. And to raise people's awareness about protecting the sea, the developer E-Line Media has chosen the underwater concept for its next game - Beyond Blue.

Beyond Blue Another Game From Never Alones Dev Rev
Beyond Blue puts you in the aesthetic underwater world

In Beyond Blue, players will dive in the near future to explore the beauty of our oceans. To be more specific, you'll step in the shoes of Mirai (means "future" in Japanese) - the head of a new ocean research team. With future's technology, Mirai and her crew will suit up and dive into the ocean to see, hear and feel it in an extraordinary way that has never existed before.

Beyond Blue Another Game From Never Alones Dev Rev
Mirai will lead her crew in this extraordinary adventure

On her adventure, Mirai will unravel the story that "has survived for thousands of years". We don't know for sure what the story is about yet, but it will be very rich and deep, considering the developer's announcement that Beyond Blue is heavy narrative.

Cast and special features

The veterans at E-Line Media has a lot of experience in creating a touching story in a beautiful environment in Never Alone. The Alaska Native culture elements in that game have won Never Alone a BAFTA award and gained a lot of reputation for the studio.

Beyond Blue Another Game From Never Alones Dev Rev
Never Alone's success has made E-Line Media famous

That's why a lot of media outlets laid their eyes on Beyond Blue. Apart from the gorgeous untouched aquatic world, this game will also bring players a lot of challenges by forcing them to make high-risk decisions during the whole journey. From the trailer, we can see that the story will be told through third-person perspective.

Beyond Blue Another Game From Never Alones Dev Rev
You'll see the game through the third-person-perspective

At this announcement, the developer and publisher also introduce the actors joining this project. They're Ally Maki, Anna Akana, Miral Furland and Hakeem Kae-Kazim. From this list, we can infer that the crew will include 4 members, but we'll still have to wait for further information to be sure.

Last but not least, the makers of Beyond Blue has worked with the BBC Studios and some ocean experts to portray the most detailed ocean ecosystem. Hence, you might see some footages from the Blue Planet II to show up in the narrative at some times.

Beyond Blue Another Game From Never Alones Dev Rev
Beyond Blue features real video footages from BBC's Blue Planet II

Beyond Blue is still under development and doesn't have a release date yet. However, E-Line Media has promised that they'll deliver the game for Early Access in 2019. Even better, this game will supports consoles at launch, and the specific list will come later.