If you're sick of survival games in which you spend days and nights finding resources, Die Young will bring you the perfect survival experience you need. After staying in Early Access state for a while, the game's final version has come out.

It has ditched the classic survival elements and followed a realistic approach towards surviving in a hostile land. Here's the trailer of the game, with a lot of gorgeous parkour footages for you to admire:

The story of Die Young

There are some people that favor dying young, but no ones would expect to die likes the protagonist of Die Young. In this game, you'll take control of a young woman. She was living her young ages happily, but then a sudden disaster strikes. She wakes up just to find herself alone on a vast island in the Mediterranean.

Die Young Officially Launched Discount 1
You wake up to find yourself in a vast Mediterranean island

She was entombed alive and left there until death in this 12-kilometer-square land. Lucky for her, she is able to wake up before actually dying, but more dangers are waiting ahead. Dying from the thirst, the young girl also has to face a lot of aggressive native creatures here.

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Fight back without combat equipment is not a good idea

Thus, now she will have to use her athletic prowess to run, jump and parkour through this land to stay alive and find a way out.

Unique gameplay features

As I've mentioned, Die Young takes the survival experience to the realistic scales. To be more specific, you won't have to keep on grinding and wandering everywhere aimlessly to find resources. Of course, you can still opt to do so, but it's very likely that you'll end up dying young.

Die Young Officially Launched Discount 2
The inhabitants here will hunt you down to death!

Instead, you must always run away from the hostile inhabitants under the extreme heat of the Mediterranean sun. Hence, staying hydrated is very important to keep your life together. On your fleeing ways, you'll have to make use of your parkour skills, reach some hidden places - ancient ruins, dark caves and so on.

Die Young Officially Launched Discount 7
Find some berries to stay alive first, and explore this island later.

In there, you can find some equipment and the resources you need to stay alive to find equipment. They also contain some clues on the mystery behind this island, which's vital to find the way out. The island does have a gorgeous landscape, but its inhabitant is very far from friendly. Fighting them at first is hopeless, and you'll need to use your wits to cut your tails.

Die Young Officially Launched Discount 8

Out now on Steam with a sale

Die Young official version is out now on Steam. In order to celebrate this release, the developer IndieGala is running a 30% discount for its self-published titles. The game's price is originally $19.99, but it's only $13.99 now if you purchase it within 36 hours. This discount will end on September 21, so don't be quick to claim your deal.

Die Young Officially Launched Discount 5
The game is now available on Steam with a 30% discount

And if you're fans of parkour and fans of IndieGala specifically, is also offering a deluxe Bundle called "Folie du parkour". It doesn't only include Die Young but also another parkour adventure game from IndieGala - Downward. The whole package is under 44% sale now, which cuts the price to only $16.78. This means you only have to pay $3 more to get the second game!

Downward talks about the final trips of humanity to find the explanation for the apocalypse taking over the Earth. You'll have to parkour around and use your special powers to get through a range of hostile ruins from human's civilizations. Your task is to search for the artifacts that are responsible for the disaster taking over this world.

Here's the trailer of the game, which you can give a look before buying the package. Enjoy!