Caves And Cliffs Part I, or the 1.17 update, is the latest patch for Minecraft. It introduces tons of changes to the world's biomes, mobs, and also new materials to the sandbox game. Dripstones are perhaps the least talked-about material in this major update. But we're here to give you all the information you need to know! Let's dive into dripstones in Minecraft 1.17.

Minecraft Dripstones Lake
Take a look at this magnificent biome.

About Dripstones in Minecraft

Dripstone is primarily found in the dripstone caves biome in Minecraft. You’ll recognize it from its rough texture and characteristic shape: pillars that stretch from the floor to the ceiling of the cave. They also spawn stalactites, spikes that hang down from the roof, or stalagmites, which point up from the ground.

Minecraft Dripstones Underground
Dripstones completely change the look of underground caves.

Dripstone comes in two forms – dripstone blocks and pointed dripstone. Be careful, because pointed dripstone can be sharp. If one drops on players, it will cause damage. Players can use the pointed dripstone to gather liquids in Minecraft. There’s a small chance it will fill a cauldron below a stalactite.

Block of Dripstone Recipe

Dripstone doesn't have much of a use in Minecraft 1.17. Players can mine pointed dripstones from caves and combine them to make a Block of Dripstone. Pointed dripstones can also be used in traps to kill mobs, making them good material for building EXP farms.

Minecraft Dripstones Blocks
You can craft Dripstone blocks from pointed dripstones.

A Stalactite block can be broken and made to fall on any hostile mobs under them. You can lure enemies in the cave (zombies, skeletons, creepers,...) to stand under the dripstone and send them to their death.

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How to Mine Dripstones in Minecraft

Dripstones are common blocks in the game. Hence, they don't require any special equipment to mine. Players can acquire dripstone blocks using a normal pickaxe. However, a higher level pickaxe will mine faster.

Moreover, the caves have to be spacious enough for dripstones to spawn. They won't spawn in small caves and holes all around the map.

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