While we were at the recent Tokyo Game Show, we got the chance to see a lot of different games. The games in the game show varied from many famous ones such as Resident Evil: Project Resistance to the smaller recently developed indie projects. However, one of the most interesting concepts we put our hands on was Outrider Mako from Playism and Asamado Games.

Outrider Mako is a top-down 2D action game. In this game, you will take the role of Mako “the deliverer”. Mako made an agreement with a mighty mysterious entity who everyone refers as Bumon and a self-proclaimed “delivery service”. And that resulted in her having to become a lackey who works at Bumon Delivery in “Mayoi” - also known as the world of gods.

Outrider Mako 3
You will be Mako in this game

Delivering Items To The Gods

Your main task as Mako is to deliver "deliverables". However, first, you need to go find and collect all the required items and bring them back to the workbench where you will do the packaging. Once you have finished, you can deliver them to your clients.

Outrider Mako 2
You have to gather the items before delivering them

So to sum up, your main tasks are just finding and delivering, it’s simple, right? Well, not that simple as there will be enemies along the way. However, you can still get rid of them by jumping on them or by using goo.

Outrider Mako 1
You have to beat enemies along the way

Bumon told her that once she has finished the tasks assigned for her, as well as collected the stamps of approval for the variety of her deliveries, she can return to her own world. However, that is not really believable…
Repeat the delivering procedure while the story gradually unfolds to see how it will end up.

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Do your task and slowly explore the story behind this world

The game also features pixel artwork, which is mostly full of Japanese-style goodness. You can watch some footages of the game through the demo video down here:

Outrider Mako is coming out for PC through Steam in 2020.