Per tradition, Mojang has once again put the new mob addition for the next update to a vote. Last year we got a three way fight between the Glow Squid, Iceologer, and Moobloom... with the first one coming out victorious. This year, the competition is going to be even fiercer, with three even better mobs: Glare vs Allay vs Copper Golem. In this article, we are going to showcase all three mobs alongside their pros and cons.

Copper Golem Vs Allay Vs Glare
Glare Vs Allay Vs Copper Golem in Minecraft Live Vote 2021

1 - Glare

The Minecraft mob Glare would be a useful companion to have when exploring dark places in the upcoming Caves & Cliff update 2. It tells you when you enter a dark enough area that monsters can spawn... by throwing a fit.

However, this feature is utterly useless for Java players. They can just press the F3 function key to show the debug menu and check the light source data. This lets them determine if an area is dark enough for monsters to spawn... without the need for Glare. Bedrock players might enjoy this mob.

Minecraft Glare
Glare mob in Minecraft

2 - Allay

Allay would be a great addition to improve your automation process. If you give it an item, the Allay will go away and collect matching ones for you. Furthermore, the Allay likes music - they would drop the item they gathered up near a note block.

This is by far the best Minecraft companion one can ask for. Using note blocks and pick-up stations, you can have a network of allays to transport items through the air directly from farms. Additionally, they can sort previously unsortable items... due to their ability to pick up unstackable items like armor, tools, and weapons.

Minecraft Allay
Allay mob in Minecraft

3 - Copper Golem

The Minecraft Mob Copper Gollem is the only one out of the 3 that you can craft yourself. However, once created, it needs to keep moving to avoid oxidizing and turning into a statue.

The copper golem's remaining feature is that it loves to randomly press any copper buttons it encountered. This item will also be added to the game if this mob wins.

Copper Golems will be useful in controlling Redstone contraptions. They will introduce a true RNG feature into Minecraft, as the buttons it presses are random.

 Copper Golem
Copper Golem in Minecraft

4 - Glare Vs Allay Vs Copper Golem, which should you pick?

Overall, while all three mobs are useful in their own way, the main battle would probably be between the Allay and Copper Golem. The Glare is literally useless to half the player base, which is a huge design problem.

While the Copper Golems are easier to use and craft, the Allays' air-drone network also has potential. However, the Copper Golem's fatal weakness of oxidizing is rather annoying... while the Allay can keep their work up indefinitely. This is why Gurugamer picks the Allay as the best mob to add in Minecraft Live 2021.

Allay is the biggest candidate right now.

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