Publisher Versus Evil is having a busy week. After announcing two hand-drawn 2D games Cardpocalypse and Yaga, the developer continued this momentum and unveiled a beautiful 3D adventure title - Hitchhiker.

Down here's the announcement trailer of the game. And if you're tired of the fast pace of the city's lives, watch this trailer to catch some of the countryside's wind:

The story of Hitchhiker

Like the name of this title - "Hitchhiker", you'll take control of an unnamed hitchhiker on his strange trip. However, you somehow lost all of your previous memories on how you get there and where are you heading to. The only thing you remember is that something in the past has swallowed your memories, but you have no idea what it is.

Hitchhiker Is A Beautiful Games That Teaches You D
You have no idea how you ended up in this strange place

The only clue you have now is a matchbook lying in your armrest, a photo in your bag, as well as billboards and crows along the sides of the road. Fortunately, you gain help from your driver - a farmer. At least you're not alone.

So far so good. However, here comes the storm. Sitting on his car and listening to the personal memories and recall of the farmer, you soon realize that your backstory is not just simple as you are thinking. Instead, you start to realize some clues suggesting deception, mystery, and cruelty in your past.

Hitchhiker Is A Beautiful Games That Teaches You D
The drivers' stories will open up the darkness behind your past

From there, your road trip is full of twisting events that will make you doubt every conclusion that you've come up with. To figure out what happens to you, you'll need to be careful with making friends. To this point, you can trust nobody, even your subconsciousness.

Good luck with your search!

About its gameplay

Unlike the two previous games, Hitchhiker doesn't have much information from the publisher about the gameplay. However, through the brief introduction of Versus Evil and the trailer, we can catch a glimpse on how this game will look like.

Basically, Hitchhiker will be a first-person-perspective adventure game. You'll see the beautiful countryside landscape through your own eyes.

Hitchhiker Is A Beautiful Games That Teaches You D
Experience the tranquil atmosphere through your own eyes

While sitting in the car of totally five strangers - from stoic farmers to the waitresses on their break, you'll have to listen to the story of them. They're the precious clues that will help you track down the mystery behind the disappearance of a person close to you.

Hitchhiker Is A Beautiful Games That Teaches You D
You'll have five rides in the car of five totally strangers

Your final objective is to solve the puzzle of your own backstory. You must do that through completing the environmental puzzles on the way and choose the right response to the drivers' words. All your choices will initially lead to the dark secrets behind your path, and the developer has promised that it will be full of twists.

Hitchhiker Is A Beautiful Games That Teaches You D
The game gives you a range of options with your responses

The developer Mad About Pandas has announced that Hitchhiker will come out for PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Switch, Mac, Linux, and Apple Arcade. The game is set to release on an unknown date.