Witches in Minecraft are among the rarer hostile mobs that players stumble upon in the blocky world. While you may not see them showing up too often, they can immensely affect your health bar and be tricky to defeat with their potions.

So to help you know how to kill witches in Minecraft easily, here are some tips we have gathered.

1. Kill it before Potion of Healing runs out

To easily defeat Minecraft witches, players have to kill it before it finishes drinking the Potion of Healing.

The best strategy is to stand 11 blocks away as it will urge the witch to take its Potion of Swiftness. As it begins drinking a potion, run towards it and hit. After it has taken damage, it will try to use the Potion of Healing. Keep on attacking using the best weapon and it will likely be killed before being able to heal.

Minecraft Witch Potiom
Make sure you can kill the Witch before it's done drinking the Healing Potion.

Also, we recommend you bring some Healing potions with you all the time in case you are in danger with a witch or other mobs. Make sure to take some milk also as it can remove the effects the witch tosses at you.

2. Pick a good armor

This may sound like a no-brainer as fighting any strong mob in the game requires great armor. There is a variety of armor that provides defense depending on the item they are created with.

However, the best armor to use when it comes to how to kill witches in Minecraft is Netherite armor. It has a high defense stat and can endure damage with proper enchantments.

Another great option is Iron armor enchanted with damage reduction as it can also help to fight this mob.

Netherite Armor how to kill witches in Minecraft
Wear a Netherite Armor will help big time.

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3. Bring food

Another tip to easily fight the Witch is to bring food with you. Food is the primary healing source in the game and can save you in sticky circumstances. You may bring a Cooked Steak, Cooked Pork, Golden Apples, and Golden Carrots.

Besides healing the player, food comes in handy as the Witch can do high damage with Instant damage and Poison Potions.

4. Use ranged weapons

Last but not least, the use of the ranged weapon, particularly enchanted ones, will take effects greatly. As Witches have to be close to throwing potions at you, using a Melee weapon will not prevent you from potential harms like a ranged one.

Those like enchanted Crossbows, Bows or enchanted Tridents are highly recommended as they can deal massive amounts of damage. In fact, there is no need to defend if you can take it out from a range without enduring any damage.

Trident Minecraft Enchantments
Using a ranged weapon will be much more helpful to aim at the witch before it approaches you.

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