Crafting is vital in Minecraft as it’s basically how the game works. However, not all items are craftable and you need to use other ways to obtain them. The name tag is one of them and it can prove to be quite useful in your adventure.

With a Minecraft nametag, you can name mobs such as your farm animals, pets, and even villagers to prevent them from despawning naturally. Moreover, Name tags are catalysts for some of the most interesting Easter eggs embedded within.

Here’s how to get a name tag in Minecraft.

Name Tag Minecraft
What does a Name Tag do in Minecraft and how can you make one?

How to make a Name Tag in Minecraft

As the Name Tag cannot be acquired through crafting, players have to find it across the Minecraft world. You can make use of these means:

1. Chests

Name tags can be found in Chests from Mineshafts, Dungeons, Buried Treasures, and Woodland Mansions.

Out of these options, Woodland Mansions and mineshafts are more common to have name tags.

Structure Biome Chance to drop name tag
Woodland Mansion Dark Forest 28.3%
Mineshaft Underground (anywhere in Overworld) 42.3%

Mineshafts can be found everywhere in the Overworld. Exploring this structure will almost certainly grant you a name tag.

Woodland Mansion
If "how to make a name tag in Minecraft" is not doable, you can get it from Woodland Mansions or Mineshafts.

2. Fishing

Fishing in Minecraft is not just fishing for fish. Players have a chance of obtaining random items when they go fishing in the game. With a rod with no enchantment, there’s an 85% chance to get a fish, a 10% to get junk, and a 5% chance to obtain the treasure.

As Name Tag is one of the six treasure tier loot, the chance to get one is very rare. This essentially means that the player has a one in six rates for your treasure to be a name tag in Minecraft.

Name Tag Fishing
Of the treasure options, there is a 16.7% chance the catch will be a name tag.

You can improve this by using Luck of the Sea enchantment on your Fishing Rod.

This enchantment has three levels with the Luck of the Sea III offering an 11.3% chance to catch treasure. All in all, you have a 2% to find a nametag with this method.

3. Trading

When it comes to how to get a name tag in Minecraft, you may trade 20 Emeralds with master-level Villagers to obtain one.

Although trading is an easy way to get name tags, it is a little expensive. However, you can totally lower the costs of Minecraft villagers by turning them into a zombie villager and cure them afterwards.

With this means, you can lower the overall prices for a name tag.

How to use a Name Tag in Minecraft

Apart from other players and Ender Dragon, you can name any mob with this item. Here’s how to use Name Tag in Minecraft:

  • First, rename it at an anvil. This will cost one level of experience.
  • As it consumes some EXP, the name tag will become active.
  • Take the name tag in your own hand and click on the mob you want to name.
  • As the mob becomes Named, it will not despawn.
Name Tag Use
Notice: You can rename multiple name tags with this one level.

Name tags do not stack unless they bear the same name.

Minecraft Name Tag tricks

For those who have yet been aware, several names do grant special effects. Take a look at these special names below:

1. Special name tags and their effects

Name Apply to which mob? Effects
'Dinnerbone' or 'Grumm' Any mob The mob appears upside down
'Johnny' Vindicator The vindicator appears aggressive to almost all other mobs, including the Wither.

(Not applying on other illagers and ghasts)

'jeb_' Sheep The sheep's wool cycles between every possible wool color.

  • Shearing this sheep will generate wool in its original color. It will not continue to change colors.
'Toast' Rabbit The rabbit's skin changes to mimic the coat of a player's rabbit who went missing.

  • Black and white fur pattern
Speical Tag Name
Dinnerbone name tag is one of the most popular easter egg tricks.

2. Minecraft Name Tag tricks and facts

  • Dinnerbone name tag can be a fun Easter egg to prank your friends or even set up an upside-down design around the upside-down mob to create confusion on a Minecraft server.
  • "jeb_" is named after one of the original Minecraft game designers, Jens Bergensten.
  • The rainbow sheep altered from a name tag is extremely fun to have as they can brighten any space up.

Although these names may not have a practical effect in the game, they are actually very fun Easter eggs

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