There are always lots of funny and sometimes romantic stories in the world of streamers. A few days ago, we mentioned some streamers who had embarrassing moments as forgetting to turn the camera off. And this time, we will talk about the list of five streamers that used to flirt on live streams.

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BrookeAB & Symfuhny

BrookeAB’s Twitch account now has 7.31 lakh followers while her YouTube channel attracts 2.31 lakh subscribers. This girl mainly works as a streamer of Fortnite, Valorant, and Minecraft.

Brookeab Symfuhny
BrookeAB and Symfuhny.

Meanwhile, there are about 23 lakh followers on Symfuhny’s Twitch channel. He is now one amongst the NRG Fortnite team members. Speaking of their love story, Mason Lanier, better known as Symfuhny, admitted that he used to learn how to flirt a girl on Google but these tips didn’t work. Accordingly, Mason had an awkward courtship with Brooke but surprisingly, it works. Fans all know that they are now a couple.


If your favorite game is Fortnite, you must know Tfue. This US streamer has been caught flirting girls on live streams many times. Fans have got too familiar with his choice to play with any girl on his streams.

Tfue Flirts

One time, Tfue invited a Fortnite female gamer to play with him but then he began to complain that the girl also turned out to be playing with another guy. This controversial streamer said as follows, “I need to teach you a lesson for cheating on me with other guys.”

Myth And Pokimane

In the beginning, Pokimane didn’t get impressed by Myth at all. And the couple couldn’t last their relationship as long as they hoped. They now continue to be friends and play games with each other many times.

Pokimane Myth

However, in the past, Pokimane felt uncomfortable when Myth paid lots of attention to her pics, or more exactly, her butt or breasts. Additionally, she also said that she hopes people spend more time analyzing her various aspects.


As a pro Fortnite gamer, Hamlinz now plays for the TSM team. There have been about 13 lakh subscribers on his YouTube channel and around 21 lakh followers on his Twitch account.

Hamlinz streamers

As in the following video, Hamlinz used an alternate account to play games and talked in a fake voice so that the girl who he was planning to flirt couldn’t recognize him. But it is surprising that she finds out his tricks and Hamlinz didn’t get any success.

Faith & Symfuhny

The last incident once again belonged to Symfuhny. This Canadian stream manages to attract 1.52 lakh Twitch followers. In the following incident, Faith tried to court him but Symfuhny was seemingly too embarrassed to give any response.

Symfuhny Faith

After a few moments, the male streamer pretended that his mike didn’t work. Although Faith gave another try, Symfuhny pitifully kept ignoring her.