Live stream has become one of the main means of entertainment on the Internet. It started with game streaming but now there are all kinds of content that people do on the live stream. Just recently, viewers on Twitch even got to see a real brawl fight between 2 streamers and all was just because of a meaningless argument.

Let's just called the one with the purple shirt A and the other B.

Screenshot1 16090781657231215805358
The two streamers sign the paper together to fight each other

These 2 guys get together to do a drinking stream and talk. During the stream, A said, "I was a great fighter when he was in school" but B didn't believe it and responded with a mockery tone. And so the two got a huge argument about it and decided to sign a paper to fight each other off stream. But then jumped into each other even the camera was off.

If you think that they weren't fighting for real then think again. The result was brutal. It took A less than a minute to knock B down and he is heavily injured because A still kept hitting him after that. A explained that B always loves making senseless arguments when he is drunk so A wanted to teach him a lesson.

Photo 1 16090784282312094158902
A took less than a minute to win and he kept hitting B after that
Photo 1 16090786137501801895877
B got bad injuries on his face

However, the stream got too violent so someone in the chat even got concerned and called the police. A while later, the police actually showed up on the stream. It is not clear if A is going to face any charge at all, especially when both of them signed the paper.

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