If you have ever been to Twitch then you would know that Twitch chat is a genius. They know everything, everything they say is right. You just can't hide any secret from them. And recently they have just exposed one giant secret in the DOTA 2 esports scene. Apparently, all the top tier DOTA 2 teams and players such as Secret, OG, NIGMA, Miracle, etc are all originated from India.

Even team Secret decided to no longer hide the truth and revealed that their captain Puppey is actually an Indian on their Twitter.

Puppey is an Indian?

And here are many more pieces of evidence that Twitch chat has come up with to prove that other DOTA 2 teams are also from India. VP stands for Vindaloo Punjab. NIP stands for Ninjas in Pakistan (not Ninjas in Pyjama). NIGMA stands for New India Gaming Mumbai Affiliates. EG stands for Elementals Gandhi (EG).

Spam Twithc

Bottom line

For people who aren't familiar, this is actually a meme of the DOTA 2 community on Twitch, one of the funniest and most creative ones.

It all started with team BOOM ID, an Indonesia DOTA 2 team that is start becoming successful in the international scene. Their fans in Indonesia started spamming "Indo pride" in Twitch chat, and Twitch chat responded by spamming "India pride" to trigger them. The trend slowly spread to other SEA teams and then to other teams in the world

Cropped Boom Id
BOOM ID is actually an Indonesia team

After that, Twitch chat then slowly made up their own version of the meme with other teams and players with their own unique imagination. Each spam is altered slightly, making it actually fun to read, unlike usual spam in Twitch chat. Also, those spams were written in a very formal way while providing completely false information created a super hilarious irony.

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