Recently, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez held an "Among Us" stream with big streamers such as Pokimane, Hasanabi, Myth, to encourage everyone to vote and got more than 500,000 viewers.

Tny Aoc
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, also known by her initials AOC, is an American politician

Now, it is Hikaru yet, Hikaru turns and he is planning to have an even bigger plan, to play chess with Barack Obama on Twitch, to raise funds for Joe Biden's Victory Fund and Act Blue, a nonprofit fundraising platform for campaigns and organizations.

While the ex-president has yet to answer to Hikaru yet, many people are already feeling very excited. Barack Obama is still very active on his Twitter to promote everyone to support Joe Biden so there is a slight chance it might happen. If this can actually happen then it will be one of the biggest chess streamers ever on Twitch.

Who is GM Hikaru?

If you are a chess fan or watch Twitch regularly, you will know that GM Hikaru was the one who started the chess trend on Twitch and attracts many famous streamers, viewers into this very old game. He has the title Grand Master (GM) in chess, which means he is among the best of the best chess players in the world. But somehow, he still managed to make his stream really fun to watch and easy to understand for casual chess players.

Nakamura Sinq Cup 2017 Lennart Ootes
Grand Master Hikaru is one of the best chess players in the world

He helped organize the PogChamp online chess tournament on Twitch so famous Twitch personalities can compete with each other and help to promote chess to the mainstream. While Hikaru was helping chess to become more popular, some people in the chess community actually didn't like it and create a big chess drama on Twitch.

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