Sagar Thakur – a well-known Indian content creator, or you may know him under the name Maxtern, is recently featured in the list of '300 Most Influential People in Asia in 2020.’

In an interview following this huge exposure, Maxtern opened up about his friends, gaming career, identity, and many more.

He said it was a proud moment for him to be one of the most influential people in Asia. Being on the list with the household names he has been following since his childhood, like Carry Minati, Mumbaikar Nikhil, and Sonu Nigam Sir is a real dream comes true, according to him.

How Maxtern Started His Gaming Career

Maxtern shared that his gaming career started four years before when he played a 45MB mobile game called "Mini Militia,” the only multiplayer game anyone could play on an Android device at that time.

Mini Militia
Maxtern's career started with Mini Militia

He was addicted to the game so he opened his own YouTube channel. When PUBG Mobile came along, he made the switch from "Mini Militia" to this world-famous battle royale game.

Maxtern’s Parents On His Gaming Career

Maxtern shared that his mom and dad, like many other Indian parents, opposed the idea of gaming as a proper career. He said they used to scold him for spending too much time playing PUBG Mobile.

When his the game brought him 30,000 subscribers after two to three months, he successfully convinced his parents to get him an iPad as he did make a bit from YouTube. Their support grows stronger with time, according to him.

Maxtern channel
After Maxtern started to gain a bit from his channel, his parents bought him an iPad

How The Gaming Industry Work

Maxtern shared that there were several types of gaming content creators. Some of them were esports players, some played a wide range of games, and others focused on PUBG Mobile. Gaming isn’t an easy career when one had to play for 14 hours.

His Plan In the Next 5 To 10 Years

He said he didn’t have a clear plan for the next 5 to 10 years but he was thinking about starting another channel where he could play a wider range of games instead of just 2 to 3 titles. Such a channel might help him reach more audiences with games like Minecraft and GTA.

Maxtern YouTube channel
Maxtern is thinking about starting another channel

On Friends And Going Out

He said one should be selective when making new acquaintances. He always makes sure he looks good when going out to avoid situations when someone recognizes him and said he looked differently on stream and in real life.

Maxtern when going out
He always makes sure he looked good when going out

Advice For Future Gamers

His advice for those who plan to jump on the bandwagon is to have a backup plan. He said he was privileged for the success.

On Investment

He said he was saving money to buy a new home for his family and that the decision to buy a property was one of the best investments anyone could make.

Maxtern’s Career If He Wasn’t A Gamer

He would pursue Computer Science and become an engineer if he wasn’t a gamer.

Maxtern 2
Maxtern's alternative career is to be an engineer

On How He Spent Lockdown And Coming To The UK

He shared his plan to visit Dubai this year but due to COVID-19, the trip has been postponed. Maxtern spent his time in quarantine like any other gamers and he said he liked to be at his place doing his work. Before COVID-19, he used to go out once a week.

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