Mrs. Shirley is adored for her simple way of streaming, a lovely personality that never shows signs of losing temper or getting angry. She conquers the viewers with her heart-warming character, while her opponents are defeated by a high-leveled skill rarely seen in an elderly person. 

Up to now, what we know about the Skyrim Grandma often revolves around her adorable self, her very own way of attracting viewers. But are there any interesting things about her? Check out these exclusive pieces of information about Mrs. Curry that not many people can get their hands on below!

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Mrs. Curry created a Youtube channel for the sole purpose of watching videos

Mrs. Shirley Curry, aka The Skyrim Grandma

When the “streamer” concept is stated, people immediately associate it with a professional gamer or a video creator, showcasing their skills on multiple platforms such as Twitch or Youtube to earn money. But Skyrim Grandma is different, she only has a Youtube channel and her explanation to that is quite simple.

In an interview with the Senior Planet, Mrs. Curry said that she started her Youtube channel back in 2007 (although the information on the channel claims that it was created in 2011) to subscribe to the channels she likes. Having no intention of making any sort of income from Youtube, her sole goal was to watch other streamers play and leave them encouraging and heart-warming comments. Her actions touched some of the viewers, and they soon become the very first subscribers to her channel. 

Subscribers to the Skyrim Grandma channel begged her to upload videos to Youtube

The Skyrim Grandma's a streamer with a kind-hearted personality

With no initial intention of streaming or posting videos, Mrs. Curry was very confused when her subscribers kept sending messages motivating her to upload, some even begged her to do so. In the end, the Skyrim Grandma decided to give it a try and uploaded her first video on September 18, 2015. She thought it was going nowhere, but something unexpected happened.

Before her first upload on September 18, 2015, the Skyrim Grandma’s channel only had about 200 to 300 subscribers. But when she woke up the next day, the number doubled. A Reddit user by the name of "jacobthebro" found Mrs. Curry’s content unique and shared it, thus creating a chain reaction. Many people enjoyed the video, they visited her channel only to be conquered by her witty and lovable personality. Since then, the number of subscribers to Skyrim Grandma's channel has rapidly increased. 

Mrs. Curry had always wanted to own a PC to serve her cooking hobby

Mrs. Curry has a passion for cooking

Mrs. Curry never dreamed of spending the latter part of her life gaming, but she has always wanted to own a computer to help her cook or write a book. She wanted to use it to save recipes, divide them into different categories such as meat, spices, vegetables, etc. The Skyrim Grandma also revealed her long-lasting love for curry, chili powder, lemon pepper, parsley, and oregano. And when she had her very first PC, she used it to write an article for a local newspaper in California.

She will make an appearance in The Elder Scrolls VI

The Elder Scroll VI project was revealed at E3 and Mrs. Curry knew that it would take several years for the game to be released, she said: “When Skyrim VI is complete, I’ll be 88 years old, maybe I won't be able to play anymore, I may have to give up on this dream ".

The Elder Scrolls Vi Shirley Curry Skyrim Grandma
Mrs. Curry will appear in The Elder Scrolls VI

Mrs. Curry's words touched the hearts of Skyrim's fans, they quickly spread them on Reddit, creating a wave asking Bethesda to include her image in Elder Scrolls VI. And their wish had come true when Bethesda official confirmed that Mrs. Curry would appear in the game as an NPC. In response to this action, Mrs. Curry thanked the company and expressed her joy in a newly uploaded video. "This holds a special meaning to me. I’m very happy to know that someone is playing my character in Elder Scrolls", she said.