While the Internet has developed rapidly, the streaming community has changed a lot with countless new content and streamers. Accordingly, one of the currently hottest streaming content is live-streaming to sell products. Shoppers or sellers can make big profits in a short time while they don’t need to spend a lot on their initial investment. That’s why many people have joined a race to sell products via live streams. And streamer Liao Mou from China is not an exception.

This time, we will mention a female streamer called Liao Mou with the ID “mo07”. Born in 1979, Liao Mou works as a streamer on a live streaming platform of a clothing merchant in Hangzhou,  Zhejiang, China. The incident took place when she was trying on clothes on her live stream, and the police officers suddenly appeared and arrested her in front of tens of thousands of viewers.

Streamer Arrested

It is said that after a two-month investigation, the Hongkou Branch of the Shanghai Public Security Bureau first successfully smashed the crime of selling counterfeit trademark products via live streams. Apart from streamer Liao Mou, there were up to 41 arrested suspects in this shocking case.

Liao Mou

The business model of her company is to sell fake luxury goods at the same prices as real products. However, streamer Liao Mou, as well as her “team”, didn’t admit that these products were couterfeit. Instead, she said that these luxury products were sold at extremely shocking promotional prices to thank customers.

Police Streamer

On a live stream, Liao Mou sold a Rolex watch which real cost is estimated at about tens of thousands of dollars. However, this streamer told a lie about this product and said that it was a limited version. And she would sell it for about Rs14k while it is sold at Rs39 lakh on stores.

Liao Mou

This female streamer managed to understand customers’ psychology and therefore, it’s not surprising that her counterfeit products were always sold out. When being asked by the police, Liao Mou admitted that live streams helped her earn about Rs11 lakh each, and accordingly, tens of lakhs of rupees a year.

Streamer Arrest

Fake Goods

Fake Products

Streamer Fake

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