A few days ago, the ex-girlfriend of Valorant pro Sinatraa, Cleo Hernandez accused the Sentinels player of abusing her in their 9-month relationship. The incident has immediately drawn a lot of attention in the eSports community in the world because Sinatraa is no doubt a famous Overwatch player and one of the members of Sentinels - a rising team at the North American Valorant Champions Tour 2021.

Sinatraa Pokimane
Sinatraa's abuse scandal leads to a lot of controversies on the Internet.

Dafran, Sinatraa’s ex-teammate at the Selfless Overwatch defends him while the netizens have criticized him a lot. However, Dafran’s comments make him become a next target to criticize on the Internet. To get more specific, Dafran tweeted as below:

That’s not enough. After being backlashed by netizens, this guy once again said that it was unfair when someone said that she was abused by a popular person and received all support without any doubt. He also added that the netizens have too much power to realize what’s happening.

Valorant player Sinatraa denies his abuse allegations.

Dafran’s comments have aroused a great deal of controversy. Accordingly, one of the most popular female streamers, Pokimane couldn’t hide her surprise when reading them on her live stream. She initially didn’t know that Dafran is a popular streamer with a large number of followers.

Although Pokimane didn’t know well about the actual situation of Sinatraa’s allegations, she obviously felt uncomfortable about Dafran’s comments that seemingly aim at Cleo Hernandez’s gender, instead of providing persuasive proof.

As for Dafran, he figured out that he didn’t care about the female streamer’s opinion. He also didn’t intend to change his mind. However, Dafran has been under a lot of controversies on the Internet.

Riot Games and Sentinels have now suspended Sinatraa to investigate his allegations. However, Sinatraa has denied what Cleo accuses him of, including sexual assault. Let’s keep updating the latest news about this incident on Gurugamer.com!

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