The incident took place when streamer Travis Mellon, better known as HJTenchi, who has had more than 40,000 followers on Twitch, was accused of harass, sexual abuse, as well as sending pornographic pics to female gamer Danica Rockwood. She is also known as a model and a coser. This hot streamer even made a post on Twitter to reveal HJTenchi’s bad behaviors.

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Danica Rockwood Sexual Harassment
Danica Rockwood revealed the message HJTenchi sent to her.

Accordingly, Rockwood said that when she just appeared as a newbie streamer on Twitch, she met HJTenchi. The male streamer kept sending sex messages while she tried to tell him that she wasn’t a sexual person. At that time, their friendship was just in the initial period.

It is obvious that HJTenchi doesn’t easily accept Rockwood’s accusation. He filed a charge to the court because, as he said, the sexy female streamer fabricated everything. And therefore, his career and images on social networks have been seriously affected. As a piece of evidence, there has been a dramatic decrease in the number of followers on his Twitch channel.

Danica Rockwood Twitch

Mellon’s lawyer said that his client and Rockwood was actually in a romantic relationship from the mid-2016 to 2018. In a petition, Mellon stated that they used to go out, send messages, and make video calls with each other and all come from their willingness. In other words, his messages shouldn’t be considered a piece of evidence for sexual harassment.

On June 20, Rockwood once again denounced HJTenchi by posting the screenshots showing intimate messages this streamer sent to her. Right after that, many people gave support to Rockwood and said that they used to be harassed by HJTenchi in a similar way.

This case is scheduled to settle on November 19, 2020, at the Fresno County Superior Court.

There have now been many lawsuits relating to sexual harassment since the MeToo movement has taken place. Even politicians and celebs have faced full of hardship due to their own scandals. Of course, the gaming industry is not an exception and the lead characters in such incidents range from streamers, gamers, to managing directors.