With a stunning appearance and entertaining content, Korean Twitch streamer Jinny managed to attract more than 5 lakhs subscribers on Twitch. Apart from the donations on the streaming platforms, many of her fans also express their admiration for the beautiful streamer by sending valuable gifts to her. In a recent stream, the streamer went live unboxing some of the latest gifts including a brand-new tablet. Scroll down to see her reaction!

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Jinny Tablet
Korea streamer Jinny came speechless after getting a high-end tab from fan

Just like many hot and famous streamers on Twitch, Jinny is treated with many special and valuable gifts from fans. Her presents vary from classic items to the utmost fancy digital devices. The streamer went live when opening her recent gifts and the last item to be unwrapped was the most staggering one.

The biggest gift that Jinny received from her fans was a Samsung tablet S6 which cost nearly Rs 49,000. The latest-released tablet left the streamer literally speechless that she forgot her sentence after releasing what exactly it was. She didn’t believe in her own eyes and said “No way dude, no way. Is this real?”

After that, she rushed into unboxing the luxury gift with a knife, revealing a brand new tablet. While the streamers and most of her viewers got excited with the expensive item, some viewers have a doubt about the gift, saying it could be bugged with some dangerous virus or malware to steal her information. However, the device looks normal so Jinny decided to create a drawing with her new tab.

Check out her process of unpacking the surprising gift:

For the unversed, Jinny is a popular IRL streamer on Twitch via her channel Jinnytv. The female streamer draws the attention of many views thanks to not only her stunning appearance but also the engaging, bizarre, and viral content she makes on her channel. Some of her most viral and controversial videos are about entering a wild deer and trying cat food.

The streamer used to be banned on Twitch for admitting she was driving without a license. The ban, however, was removed after a few weeks.

Jinnytv 2 Jpg Large
The streamer once steal the spotlight for making a video of her trying cat food

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