Gorou has just come to the game in the second banner of Genshin Impact 2.3. This Geo supporter is very useful in this game, especially when you upgrade Gorou's abilities to the max level. Check out where to farm Gorou ascension materials in Genshin Impact here.

Gorou Genshin Impact
You need to explore Inazuma to collect materials for Gorou.

Where To Farm Ascension Materials For Gorou

Gorou is a character from Inazuma. Like other Genshin character enhancement, players have to collect some local materials to level up this Geo supporter in Inazuma. Here are all locations where to farm ascension materials for Gorou in Genshin Impact.

Items Amount Locations
Sango Pearl 168 pearls
  • Watatsumi Island's east coast;
  • Around Suigetsu Pool;
  • Sangonomiya Shrine's reef;
  • Heart of Watatsumi's inner and outer rings.
Perpetual Heart 46 items
  • Defeat Lv. 30+ Perpetual Mechanical Array Boss
Prithiva Topaz
  • A Sliver
  • 9 Fragments
  • 9 Chunks
  • 6 Gemstones
  • Defeat normal bosses: Geo Hypostasis, Primo Geovishap, Perpetual Mechanical Array, Golden Wolflord;
  • Eliminate weekly bosses: Wolf of the North Challenge, Beneath the Dragon-Queller;
  • Buy from Marjorie's and Xingxi's souvenir shops in Mondstadt and Liyue;
  • Commission Bonus Rewards
  • Alchemy
Specter Drops
  • 18 Spectral Husk
  • 30 Spectral Heart
  • 36 Spectral Nucleus
  • Defeat Specters
  • Alchemy
Sango Pearl
You can collect a lot of Sango Pearls in Inazuma.

Besides, you need to pay 420,000 Mora for all ascension phases. You need to complete all missions and challenges to get Mora. Genshin Impact players can also get Mora when defeating bosses and monsters around the map.

How To Get Gorou Ascension Materials

First, you need a lot of Sango Pearls to ascend Gorou to the max level. Please note that these materials will respawn after 2 days according to real-world time. So, you have to return to those locations to collect pearls because you can farm only 44 pearls every 48 hours.

Defeat Perpetual Mechanical Array
Defeat Perpetual Mechanical Array boss to collect different materials for Gorou.

Perpetual Mechanical Array is a very dangerous normal boss with powerful physical attacks. This Ruin Machine boss can be found in the domain on Narukami Island in Inazuma. So, you need a strong team with a physical DPS character, a shield creator, and a healer. Hu Tao, Ayaka, and Diluc are the best DPS choices.

Besides, you need to collect all drops after eliminating Specters when exploring the map. Specters are flying monsters. Therefore, you should use Hu Tao or Klee to defeat them. Bow and catalyst users are more effective in countering these floating monsters.

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