Titan Quest: Atlantis is one of the modern and new expansion packages for the popular action Role-Playing Game released in 2006. It is a follow-up version of the Ragnarok release presented in 2017. Apparently, in a brand new era of highly developed and modern expansions of older games, the Atlantis being suddenly released has brought a lot of new features to games that are similar to Grecian Diablo.

In the new expansion Atlantis, you – and maybe a few friends of yours to form a team of six players – will have a new chain of story quest, in which you need to look for the titular lost kingdom across the whole Mediterranean. The quests will guide you through a list of options to new regions, where you can also find new tasks located in places in the original version of the game.

Titan Quest 2
There are a lot of new story quests which take place in many different regions throughout the game

By accomplishing the quest, you can earn a whole new skill tier in any given mastery in the game, unique rewards as well as new items – basically, anything one is looking forward to in an expansion for an ARPG. Players will also find a merchant, which looks pretty much similar to a Casino. That is the place where players have the chance to spend the money they get during later stages of the game on randomised spoils.

Titan Quest Atlantis
The expansion has some great developments in graphic

A different endless mode named Tartarus has also been added to the game, where you will be challenged with many wave-based obstacles in random order so as to get things to remain fresh. You can also play Tartarus mode in cooperation with other players.

This downloadable content brings some other general improvements as well, such as shorter casting time or easier options for storage. Besides, there are also a few additional graphical features which include colour grading and SSAO.

The trailer embedded above may be able to give you some extra flavour.

The game is now available on Steam (THQ Nordic claimed on Twitter that it would GOG “just before the weekend”) with a launch discount of 10%. Which means the price is now only 944.728 INR ($13.49). But in order to play it, you would need to have the Anniversary Edition, which is on sale at the price of 279.427 INR ($3,99) till the 13th of May.